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20 March 2017

Experian and Finicity collaborate to digitize the lending marketpla...

United States

New technology will allow for real-time income and asset verification from more than 80 percent of all financial accounts, making paper-based processes more obsolete

15 March 2017

Mikro KOBİ’ler için Kredilendirme Kararları Artık Çok Daha Doğru ve...


Türkiye’deki girişimlerin büyük bir bölümünü oluşturan mikro KOBİ’ler için, finansal kuruluşların kredilendirme kararları oldukça yavaş ilerleyebiliyor, alınan tahsis kararlarının doğruluğunun ölçü...

09 March 2017

The Relevancy Group recognizes Experian as a leader in email market...

United States

Focus on technology and client needs enables Experian to help brand marketers create innovative and complex marketing campaigns

08 March 2017

The next generation of consumer classification


New market segmentation, ‘Mosaic’, offers a common customer language to define and engage consumers with relevancy

06 March 2017

Experian joins Marketplace Lending Association to drive responsible...

United States

Costa Mesa, Calif., March 6, 2017 — Marketplace lenders continue to be at the forefront of transparent and responsible financial innovation. This growth has helped to ensure that consumers and smal...

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