Our mission

We’re built on our purpose. It’s central to our brand, articulated by our people and mutually reinforced by our culture. It’s the foundation of everything we do — because millions of people worldwide are still excluded from accessing fair and affordable credit as they’re invisible to the financial system. We want to change this. So, it is our mission to improve financial inclusion, because access to credit opens up opportunities for people to transform their lives. 

Our purpose in action

For consumers

We help individuals better understand their financial position, take control of their finances and manage their financial health. 

For businesses

We help businesses to make faster, smarter decisions, lend responsibly, more fairly and quickly while reducing risk and offering a better customer experience. 

For communities

We use data to help the most vulnerable in society access credit, improve financial literacy and confidence, and support economic growth. 

For our people

We create a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive. 

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For consumers

Our ambition for Consumer Services is to be recognised as the No.1 platform globally for people to improve their financial lives and save money. We aim to create the world’s largest, most inclusive financial services platform which brings financial power to all our members.

We have built on our roots in credit and are expanding our role to help remove the complexity people face every day in their financial lives. We have brought to market smarter solutions, through products like Experian Smart Money and platforms such as Insurance Marketplace. These initiatives help us to grow our membership base and establish deeper connections with consumers to drive more frequent engagement and mutual benefit. Moving forward, we will bring new ways for people to manage their finances by relying on Experian as their financial co-pilot, and by doing so we expect to unlock substantial new markets for Experian.

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Improve your credit score

Experian Boost helps millions of consumers to improve their credit score instantly.

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Lower your bills and save money, stress free

Experian BillFixer saves consumers money by helping them negotiate a lower rate for their bills. 


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For businesses

Our ambition for our B2B business is to be the market leader for trusted insights and decision intelligence across our clients' customer lifecycle. We have successfully shifted our business to address new needs for data, fraud prevention, analytics and decisioning and we plan to extend further across our clients' customer management lifecycle, as well as deeper into new industries.

Our heritage lies in helping our clients to acquire new customers to explore and learn, to open and set up accounts and to help their customers to apply for services. 

We will go deeper into this prospecting and originations segment. We also see more options to extend into adjacent spaces to help clients manage customer accounts, resolve issues their customers may have, to foster loyalty and engagement or to close accounts.

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Powerful technology platforms

We leverage data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses gain powerful insights and make quick and accurate lending decisions.

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Opening up healthcare

Experian Health makes healthcare more accessible, seamless and convenient for patients and medical staff. 


clients globally


technologists and product developers at Experian


industry sectors


consecutive year of improvement in global NPS

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For communities

Millions of people around the world are excluded from basic financial services. Many of whom are the most vunlerable in society. We help them gain access to credit and improve their financial wellbeing, enabling families to transform their lives, whether in home buying, healthcare, education or entrepreneurship, and supporting economic growth. We focus on improving financial literacy and confidence, helping people manage their financial lives, and preventing fraud and identity theft. 

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Improving women's digital skills

We work with Code First Girls in the UK, Italy, South Africa and Kenya to upskill women in technology through training, mentoring and internships. 

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Support for small businesses

In Brazil, we worked with nonprofit Sebrae to launch a free online financial education platform to help microentrepreneurs and have connected with more than 16 million people since launch.


people reached through social innovation products in FY24


people connected through our United for Financial Health programme


employee volunteer hours


community investment

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For our people

We employ 22,500 of the best and brightest minds. We want to be one of the best companies to work for by creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive and bring their best selves to work.

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Giving our people a voice

#ExperianStories is a new financial education series told by our people. 

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Offering the first careers stepping stone

Experian’s Early Careers programme helps young graduates gain work experience. 


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