Building a stronger, more advantaged Experian

Our strategy is built around the deepest, broadest and most unique data sets available, innovation and technological expertise. We add data to advanced analytics and decisioning tools to create highly differentiated solutions, solving client challenges and opening up new, addressable markets. This cross-pollination of our data and analytics into new industries is creating exciting opportunties for us and is a key driver of our success. 

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A unique interplay

One of the unique aspects of Experian is the interplay between the two parts of our business, business-to-business (B2B) and consumer services. This sits at the very heart of our strategy. We see it as our mission to help consumers use their own data to get access to the best and most suitable offers. At the same time this nurtures our B2B side of the business and helps us to use the data contributed to develop even better propositions. We’ve pioneered this concept through Experian Boost, and now Experian Go.

Investing in exciting growth initiatives

Each year, we sharpen our focus on a defined list of strategic growth initiatives. Our goal is to ensure that we’re executing at pace, pursuing the biggest opportunities and that we’re addressing the highest-growth customer segments.

Lead the next generation of credit, risk and identity solutions

Use our scale to grow in adjacent and existing customer markets

Transform Consumer Services into a world-leading consumer finance platform

Lead the next generation of credit, risk and identity

We aim to be at the forefront of the use of new data sets, including user-permissioned and open data, to widen our ability to help clients across credit risk, fraud prevention and transaction categorisation. We drive increased penetration of our platforms, such as Experian Ascend Technology Platform and our other integrated propositions encompassing data, decisioning and analytics. We accelerate our position in verification and employer services by scaling in the United States and prospect nascent markets in the UK and Brazil. We’re expanding across our integrated identity and fraud prevention offerings and are seizing a unique opportunity in Brazil as positive data transforms the market.

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Case study: Lenders saying yes to more borrowers with Experian Verify™

Millions of mortgages are applied for and approved every year in the United States. It’s one of the biggest, most stressful financial decisions a person can make.

All being well, it enables them to eventually own the home they live in and lay the foundation for building wealth over time. Mortgages have been greatly beneficial to many, with over 65% of Americans now owning their own home. For lenders, they represent a valuable source of fixed income, allowing them to plan for the growth of their companies efficiently. Given the amounts of money involved, applicants must provide proof of income and job stability. This helps give lenders a view of a consumer’s capacity to repay the mortgage. But it can take days or even weeks for a loan officer to receive the consumer’s pay slips, slowing down the process and adding stress for the consumer. With millions of trusted employer payroll records, Experian Verify can automate this process. It uses real-time data, on a flexible platform that can be tailored to each client’s unique needs. It enables decisions to be made in seconds, securely, reducing stress for consumers. It also reduces risk for lenders with more accurate and up-to-date information, reduces their costs and provides a more comprehensive view of a consumer’s financial health. This enables lenders to say yes to more borrowers.

Use our scale to grow in adjacent and existing customer markets

To do this, we capitalise on the repositioning of our marketing services business to lead in digital identity resolution to support marketers. And further expand in our priority verticals of health and automotive in North America and prospect new ones like agribusiness in Brazil.

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Case study: Helping farmers focus on farming with Smart ESG

What do farmers want to do? They want to farm. They want to grow crops and look after their animals, rather than spend time on paperwork. However, in places like Brazil, farmers are now having to deal with much higher levels of compliance when applying for credit. Access to credit is essential, because it allows farmers to plan their planting and buy fertiliser, seeds and equipment. They have to show not only that they can repay debt, but also that they aren’t involved in any illegal deforestation, encroachment onto indigenous land, modern slavery or environmental infractions. And they need to show this every time they apply for credit or sign up with a new food distributor. Experian’s Smart ESG platform takes care of this for farmers, by providing lenders with a holistic view of a farm’s compliance, and it monitors that compliance daily. A process that used to be highly manual and take weeks, now takes minutes. 

This helps lenders explore new agricultural regions, understand the market and land use, and expand into agribusiness while meeting regulations and reducing their socio-environmental and reputational risk. For farmers, it means faster access to credit, as well as certification of their products going into the food supply chain — helping farmers do less paperwork and more farming. 

Transform Consumer Services into a world-leading consumer finance platform

We’ll grow and deepen our relationships with our members and enhance our premium services by introducing new and richer features. We’re growing our marketplaces by extending our position into existing verticals and entering new ones. We’re introducing a range of new features and services to further increase everyday relevance and frequency of engagement with our members.

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Case study: Lower your bills and save money with Experian BillFixers™

Every year, bills get more expensive, and inflation is pushing prices ever higher. Trying to change providers or get a discount can be an incredibly stressful and time-consuming experience. Experian BillFixers™ saves consumers money by helping them negotiate a lower rate for the exact same service, whether for your TV, internet, phone or other bills like home security. The process is simple and seamless on our U.S. app: just agree to the terms, select the provider and upload a copy of the bill from any major U.S. provider. We contact the provider and negotiate with them directly, locking in discounts and credits. On average, our Premium members save US$264 a year. With the built-in AutoFix™ function, Experian BillFixer automatically renegotiates any bills before the discount rate expires, keeps track of price increases and looks for other savings opportunities — saving consumers time, money and stress.

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