How does Experian succeed?

Through our significant expertise in data, analytics and technology, we make it easier, cheaper and faster for people and organisations to access information and make more-precise decisions. The growing adoption of digital and automated services creates new growth opportunities for us. We help automate old, manual processes, making them more efficient — and improving capacity and growth for our clients. These opportunities to support digitisation in new, adjacent markets are large and expanding. We’re building deep and enduring relationships with millions of consumers through our consumer finance platform. Through this, we’re creating a new way for consumers to manage their finances, helping them to add their own data to access the best offers, to build credit and save money, and to protect their identity.


organic revenue growth in FY23


free consumer memberships globally


in estimated addressable market opportunity

*United States dollar

Five compelling reasons to invest in Experian


1. We're a market-leading, global innovator

We play a vital role in the financial ecosystem, enabling millions of people and thousands of organisations to access financial services, connecting them in a safe and secure way. We have a diverse portfolio of businesses across different sectors and regions, with strong positions in growing markets. We create significant scale and synergies across our operations from combining data sources, integrating analytics and using technology to create innovative, differentiated products. Our platforms and products make it easier, cheaper and faster for consumers and clients to access information, solve their problems and achieve their goals

  • US$6.6bn revenue
  • 11+ industry sectors
  • 32 countries


2. A purpose-driven growth strategy

Improving financial health is at the heart of our strategy and supports our long-term success. It underpins our approach and, together with our five strategic focus areas, helps us focus our business. We identify investment opportunities to build strong positions in fast-growing markets, supported by the increasing use of data and drive for increasing digitisation. Diversifying into new markets helps us expand our business and increases our resilience. To better serve consumers and clients, we build innovative, scalable products, combining capabilities from across our business. We see a significant opportunity to do even more to help consumers with their financial health, which will strengthen our entire business. In order to support our growth, we look to invest in businesses that could accelerate our entry into a market or product area and will drive material returns for our business.

  • 131 patents pending
  • >US$1.2 billion in revenue from product innovation
  • US$627 million in capital investment


3. A sustainable focus and strong commitment to ESG

We fundamentally believe that we can help to deliver financial power to all. We live this through our purpose, which is to create a better tomorrow for people, for businesses and for our communities. We place a strong emphasis on ESG and our wider responsibilities to society. We aim to treat data with respect, create innovative products which promote financial wellbeing, invest in social innovation programmes and reduce our carbon footprint.

  • 106 million people reached via Experian’s Social Innovation programme
  • 2030 — our goal to become carbon neutral in our own operations
  • US$17.6 million in community investment


4. Proven track record and strong financial position

Many of our products and services are integral to our clients’ operating processes. Because of this, we have highly recurring revenue. 

Our growth strategy is aimed at delivering sustainable financial returns, including organic revenue growth and at least stable margins. 

The counter-cyclical nature of portions of our product portfolio, as well as our portfolio diversity, means we’ve delivered organic revenue growth every year since becoming a listed company in 2006.  

Our cash flow is consistently strong, and we have a proven record of converting operating profit to cash. This allows us to prioritise investment, both organically and by pursuing focused acquisition opportunities, while balancing returns to shareholders. 

Our balance sheet is strong, and we aim to operate within our leverage policy target range of net debt to benchmark EBITDA of 2.0–2.5x.

  • 6% Average organic revenue growth since 2006
  • 98% cash flow conversion
  • 1.8x net debt to Benchmark EBITDA


5. Strong foundations support our growth strategy

Our data assets are extensive. Unrivalled in their scale, quality and integrity, when combined with sophisticated analytics they’re one of the most powerful and accurate sources available for precise decision-making. We continually invest to extend our data assets to enhance their breadth, depth and quality.  

We’ve created a unique, free consumer finance platform that’s supporting millions of people in taking control of their finances and saving money.  

We promote a ‘people first’ culture. We’re proud of how our people work together, as evidenced by receiving Great Place to Work in 22 countries; a Glassdoor rating of 4.4; and by our progress in diversity, equity and inclusion.

We invest in technology to deliver great products, to make us more productive and to keep our operating environment secure. Investment in cloud-based technologies and machine learning are foundational to our best-in-class propositions. Technology enhances our own processes and productivity. It’s also critical to how we ingest, store and secure data.

  • 1.5 billion consumer credit history records
  • 168 million people on our free consumer finance platform
  • 82% employee engagement

Investing for growth

To take advantage of favourable market dynamics and attractive markets, we're investing in five exciting growth initiatives. 

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