How does Experian succeed?

As one of the world’s leading analytics and software companies, our goal is to unlock the power of data to deliver long-term value for shareholders.


organic revenue growth in FY24


free consumer memberships globally


in estimated addressable market opportunity

*United States dollar

Four compelling reasons to invest in Experian


1. Health growth momentum

We invest in product innovation, new sources of data and technology and our people to extend our competitive lead, grow our position with our clients and secure new clients and consumers. We build world-class products that are highly scalable and which integrate our data, analytics and software to create platforms. These platforms combine our capabilities in a way that is unrivalled and which clients integrate into their workflow. We identify new client and consumer needs and expand into these areas.

  • 6% organic revenue growth
  • US$640m capital investment
  • US$150bn of estimated addressable market opportunities
  • US$1.5bn revenue from product innovation
  • 127 patents pending
  • 180m+ free consumer members


2. Diversified business model

Our revenue profile is highly recurring as many of our products and services are integral to our clients’ operating processes. We have diversified our portfolio and serve many different client needs across many industry sectors and geographic regions. We occupy leading positions in growing markets and have positioned ourselves to address higher-growth market segments. This enables us to grow while also being resilient, and we have a strong record of navigating economic downturns, market volatility and unforeseen challenges. 

  • 11+ industry sectors
  • 32 countries


3. Strong commitment to ESG

Our sustainability and growth strategies are aligned and mutually reinforcing. Our focus on improving financial health not only helps us achieve positive social impact, it also supports long-term revenue growth of our business.

For instance, increasing financial inclusion grows our total addressable markets by creating millions of potential new consumers for us and our clients around the world. This focus not only encourages innovation, as seen in ground-breaking products like Experian Boost, but also creates new revenue streams, such as our Limpa Nome debt renegotiation service, which significantly contributes to our Consumer Services revenue in Brazil. Being a purpose-led business not only helps attract and retain talent but also serves as a motivating force for our people. Ultimately, it enhances our reputation and strengthens our relationship with stakeholders. 

  • Committed to being carbon neutral  in our own operations  by 2030 
  • US$19.7m community investment
  • 4.3 Glassdoor rating
  • Contributing to UN SDG Targets 1.4, 8.10, and 9.3
  • 83% employee engagement


4. Proven track record and strong financial position

We have a demonstrated history of strategic execution. Our cash flow is consistently strong, and we have a solid track record of converting operating profit to cash. This allows us to prioritise investment, both organically and by pursuing focused acquisition opportunities, while balancing returns to shareholders. Our balance sheet is strong, and we aim to operate within our leverage policy target range of Net debt to Benchmark EBITDA of 2.0–2.5x.

  • 8% of average organic revenue growth over the past six years
  • 97% cash flow conversion
  • Resilient dividend: 8% CAGR over the past three years
  • Stable credit rating of A-/Baa1 for the past 12 years

Investing for growth

To take advantage of favourable market dynamics and attractive markets, we're investing in five exciting growth initiatives. 

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