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Offering businesses fraud protection

People and businesses are transacting more and more online, and fraudsters are taking advantage. A high proportion of credit card and loan charge-offs are from identity fraud. Businesses also face increasing costs from added data regulations. 

We provide services that help organisations identify and authenticate the counterparties they engage with to ensure transactions are legitimate. We also help organisations detect and prevent fraudulent activity. Our clients are in financial services, retail, travel and leisure, public sector, social media and health.

Experian skills and know-how

We use our modern technological infrastructure, advanced analytics and machine-learning models to help organisations identify and authenticate counterparties and ensure transactions are legitimate. We also help them detect and prevent fraudulent activity.


increase in fraud attacks due to increased digital activity after the pandemic


of consumers say their perception of a business is improved when that business invests in security

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Strategy in action: Precise ID

Precise ID helps financial businesses pursue growth by providing real-time identity verification and the ability to identify a wide range of fraud risks

Our Precise ID algorithm compares consumer input data with our current and historical data for an individual. We create a fraud-risk score based on specific characteristics and then apply the business user’s criteria to determine if the record meets their requirements or if we need to step up verification. 

A final pass or fail decision is calculated and the scores, attributes and other details of the transaction are relayed to the business customer. All this happens in real time. 

How we’re helping our clients

Experian is helping by providing services that enable organisations to be aware of and mitigate against the risks of fraud

Leveraging unique consumer and commercial data assets

Advanced analytics and machine learning models

Modern technological infrastructure

Tokenised identity

Extensive partner ecosystem

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