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Solving critical needs across many industries

More and more businesses, regardless of industry, need data and analytics to automate manual processes and make smarter decisions. By helping to increase capacity and improve customer satisfaction, businesses can drive growth and reduce costs, helping them to remain competitive in a fast-evolving digital world.

Experian skills and know-how

The propositions we develop can be adapted across a range of markets, from healthcare to agribusiness, from automotive to insurance, and many more. We serve a wide range of client needs as they shift to digital platforms, deploy new data strategies and manage critical pain points.


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Strategy in action: AI Advantage

Removing the sting from healthcare claims

Claim denials have increased 23% since 2016. It’s a nasty sting in the tail, both for hospitals and patients, when after treatment the insurance company refuses to pay for all or part of it. It’s the biggest strategic challenge facing hospitals, and they’re losing billions of dollars in write-offs. With manual systems and a staffing shortage in back-office operations, they frequently don’t have the resources to appeal against every denial. Experian’s AI Advantage uses artificial intelligence to supercharge a hospital's claims processing. It uses machine learning models to generate real-time predictions of the most likely reasons for which a claim may be denied, prior to claim submission. It also allows hospitals to segment any denials that do occur so that billing staff are able to better prioritise their work. Claims are processed faster, denials are reduced significantly and revenue is increased.  

How we’re helping our clients

Experian is finding new ways to solve client challenges and make processes more accurate and efficient

Innovate new use cases for existing data

Automate manual processes and reduce costs

Remove friction from customer journeys

Attract and retain more customers

Open up exciting new opportunities with alternative data

Analysis and reporting

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