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Making customer and business interactions more meaningful

In a crowded marketplace, businesses want to understand their customers better and communicate with them more effectively. They need to be able to identify audience groups, then send them relevant messages and offers — while managing their costs as effectively as possible. We support businesses to have more meaningful interactions by using data-driven insights, helping them to connect with customers, develop stronger relationships and enrich their experiences.

Experian skills and know-how

With our years of privacy-compliant data, segments and insights, and digital technologies, we help businesses develop a deeper, more human understanding of their customers. From our platforms, businesses can effectively develop and launch powerful marketing campaigns, faster and more efficiently than ever before.


segmentation data on markets with 1bn people


average time saved to develop and deploy marketing

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Strategy in action: Ascend Marketing

Ascend Marketing enables marketers to launch intelligent marketing campaigns, delivering timely and personalised offers

A cloud-based platform, its powerful Audience Engine is purpose built for advanced campaign management. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface allowing users with little or no prior coding experience to create custom campaigns. Using Experian’s advanced pinning technology, it combines the freshest credit data available with new data sets, such as property assessor, deed and mortgage data from third parties, as well as customer data.

It then helps marketers segment that information so they can better understand their customers and find those who might benefit from an offer. Marketers can apply their creativity and tailor messaging to launch omnichannel campaigns. They can assess whether particular campaigns resonate with consumers, make any necessary adjustments and measure their return on investment.

How we’re helping marketers

Experian is helping marketers to effectively develop and deploy marketing campaigns

Gain a better understanding of their customers.

Connect with more customers.

Create effective customer experiences.

Significantly reduce the amount of time to develop and deploy a campaign.

Data is depersonalised to address local regulations.

Gain a holistic market view.

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