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A registrar is responsible for maintaining a company's register of shareholders. The register of shareholders records the names and addresses of all ordinary shareholders and the number of shares that each shareholder owns. The Company's register is maintained on behalf of the Company by Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited ('the registrar'). The registrar updates the register when a shareholder's personal circumstances or shareholding change, and also sends out dividend cheques and share certificates.

A share certificate is evidence of share ownership. It should be kept in a safe place, as it will be needed if you want to sell all or some of your shares in the future.

Becoming an Experian shareholder

When you either buy Experian shares or have them transferred into your name, you become a part owner of the Company. The benefits of owning Experian shares include:

  • A right to receive dividends. These will normally be paid twice a year. See our calendar for dates.
  • The right to attend, vote and speak at meetings of shareholders, including the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Each year you will be invited to attend and vote at the Company's AGM. When published, the date of the next AGM will appear in the calendar.
  • The receipt of financial information. The Company's financial year-end is 31 March. Each year a copy of the Annual Report will be provided or made available to all shareholders prior to the AGM in accordance with statutory requirements. All of the Company's publicly announced financial information, including the half-yearly financial report, will be routinely added to our website. See our calendar for results announcement dates.

Yes, by registering at the Experian share portal, you can benefit from a number of online services including:

  • Cast your proxy votes online for shareholder meetings
  • Elect to receive shareholder communications electronically
  • View your holding balance and indicative share price and valuation
  • View transactions on your holding and dividend payments you have received 
  • Update your address or register a bank mandate instruction to have dividends paid directly to your bank account

You will need your investor code (IVC), which can be found on your share certificate(s), to register to use the share portal service.


A dividend is a payment made to shareholders out of a company's distributable profits.

The dividend payment timetable is outlined in our calendar. If the financial calendar contains no dividend payment information, details of the next Experian dividend payment have not yet been announced.

This means 'without dividend'. Before we announce a dividend, we will set the ex-dividend date. If you become a registered shareholder before the ex-dividend date, you are entitled to the most recently-announced dividend; if you buy Experian shares after that date, the dividend goes to the previous owner of the shares.

The dividend is based on the number of shares held by each shareholder and is paid to the shareholders on the share register at a specific date known as the record date. This is generally two business days after the ex-dividend date. If you receive a dividend and are not sure if you are entitled to it, contact the agent who sold your shares for you for further advice.

If you have not received your dividend payment within 21 days, please contact the registrar.

If you lose a dividend cheque you should contact the registrar immediately, confirming which payment has been lost. They will then arrange for the cheque to be stopped and will issue you with a duplicate cheque free of charge. Dividend cheques are currently valid for one year from the date of payment.

Yes, you can ask to have your dividends paid directly into a UK bank or building society account through the BACS (Bankers' Automated Clearing Services) system, which avoids the risk of cheques being lost in the post or mislaid. The dividend will be credited to your account on the dividend payment date and you will not have to wait for a cheque to clear on your account. The registrar will send a tax dividend voucher to your registered address so you know when and how much has been paid into your account.

If you would like your dividends to be paid in this way, please contact the registrar who will provide you with an appropriate dividend mandate form. This form is supplied with your dividend if you currently receive a cheque.

An existing mandate can be amended online once you have registered with the Experian share portal. Please take care when completing the sort code and account number as we cannot accept liability if you give incorrect information and your dividend is paid into the wrong account.

Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited offers Experian shareholders a service which will convert dividend payments into their local currency at a competitive fee. This is a faster and reduced risk route for foreign currency conversions. Further information can be found at or by calling 0371 664 0391 from the UK (calls are charged at the standard geographical rate and will vary by provider) or +44 371 664 0391 from outside the UK (calls outside the UK are charged at the applicable international rate) excluding public holidays in England and Wales. Lines are open 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

The Company offers a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) to shareholders who receive their dividends under the income access share arrangements. View further information about the Experian DRIP.

The Company will announce its dividends in US dollars. However, shareholders will be paid dividends in pounds sterling, unless they have elected otherwise. The amount of dividend received in pounds sterling will be calculated on a basis set out at the time the dividend is announced. Holders of Experian ADRs will receive any dividend payments through the Depositary or their Agent Institution in US dollars.

If you wish to receive your dividends in US dollars you can elect to do so. If you wish to make this election please contact the registrar.

Share registration issues

For all enquiries concerning shares and/or dividends, please contact the registrar. Shareholders who have registered with the Experian share portal can of course do this electronically. The Experian Registrar's Helpline number is +44 800 141 2952 (or 0371 664 9245 for calls from within the UK).

You should inform the registrar as soon as possible to ensure that the register is updated and that you receive all shareholder communications and dividends. Shareholders who have registered with the Experian share portal can do this electronically. Alternatively you can send a letter to the registrar, which should include the following:

  • your name in full, as shown on your share certificate 
  • your previous address
  • your new address
  • your shareholder account number

Your letter must be signed. For security reasons, the registrar cannot accept address changes over the telephone. Address changes can be made online if you have registered for the Experian share portal.

You should inform the registrar as soon as possible. Please write to the registrar giving full details of the following:

  • your old name
  • your new name
  • a copy of any legal documentation, such as marriage certificate or deed poll 

Share certificates are evidence of your ownership and should be kept in a safe place. You will need them if you want to sell all or some of your shares in the future. We recommend that you keep a separate record of the certificate numbers and the number of shares each certificate covers in case of loss or damage. Share certificates are posted to shareholders at their own risk.

The registrar keeps a record of your name, address and the number of shares you own and can arrange to issue a replacement certificate if necessary. If you have lost a certificate, please report this to the registrar as soon as possible so a 'stop' can be put on that certificate. Before a replacement certificate can be issued, you will be sent an indemnity form to complete. This safeguards the Company should a dispute arise over ownership at a later stage.

If you have more than one share certificate for the Company, you can ask for your certificates to be consolidated into one. Please send them to the registrar, together with a covering letter. There is no charge to private shareholders for this service. You should retain the counterfoils as they may be required for tax purposes. Shareholders returning certificates are advised to use "sign on receipt" postal services.

When you first buy shares in the Company, you are given a unique eleven-digit account number. This is shown on share certificates and should be quoted in all correspondence. We recommend that you keep a separate record of your IVC.

If you have bought shares in the Company at different times and the name and address you or your broker have supplied to the registrar differs in any way at all from previously provided details, another account may be created. If this happens, you may receive more than one copy of Experian shareholder documents. If you want the accounts combined you should contact the registrar.

As a company registered in Jersey, there are certain requirements which must be met when a shareholder of the Company dies. Unless the personal estate of the deceased individual is worth less than £10,000 at the time of their death, the executor of their estate must obtain a Jersey Grant of Probate to enable them to administer the Jersey estate. Please contact the registrar for further details.

Your shareholding

If you want to buy more shares or sell your existing shares, you must do this through a stockbroker. Alternatively, existing or potential UK resident investors can buy or sell Experian shares using Internet and telephone share dealing services from Link's Share Dealing Services. Further information can be found at or by calling 0371 664 0445 from the UK (calls are charged at the standard geographic rate and will vary by provider) or +44 371 664 0445 from outside the UK (calls outside the UK are charged at the applicable international rate). Lines are open 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays in England and Wales.

Under the Financial Services and Markets Act and the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998, we are not authorised to provide advice to investors on share dealing. For such advice, please contact your stockbroker or financial advisor.

You need to have registered with the Experian share portal to check your details online.  

The latest Experian share price is available on the share price information section of this website, the London Stock Exchange website, as well as through other information services.

Company information

The corporate headquarters of Experian plc is located in Dublin, Ireland.

22 Grenville Street 
St Helier 
JE4 8PX 
Channel Islands.

Experian plc is incorporated in Jersey, Channel Islands under registered number 93905.

As a Jersey-incorporated company, the register of members is located in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Financial information and calendar

For the dates of future results announcements, see our calendar.

The Company's published financial information is available on this website. If you require hard copy versions, please contact our corporate headquarters.

For the date of the next Experian AGM, see our calendar. If there is no date in the calendar, details of the next AGM have not yet been announced.