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Credit decisioning made better

When consumers apply for credit, they want to apply online and for that process to be easy. They seek a seamless, online experience. At the same time, lenders need to make rapid decisions on who to lend to and how much, while reducing risk and meeting regulatory obligations. Our data assets and advanced analytics mean the time taken to make decisions is greatly reduced and consumers can get responses quickly. In this way, friction in the whole lending process is reduced and everyone benefits from a better experience.

Experian skills and know-how

We ensure that our clients have access to vast data sets of high-quality, accurate data and solutions that turn complex data into quick decisions that count because credit is a key enabler that helps improve people’s financial lives.


credit decisions are facilitated every year


of lenders use data beyond the traditional credit report

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Strategy in action: Experian Verify

Helping lenders confidently say yes to customers faster and more efficiently

Millions of mortgages are applied for and approved every year in the United States. It’s one of the biggest, most stressful financial decisions a person can make. Given the amounts of money involved, applicants must provide proof of income and job stability. This helps give lenders a view of a consumer's capacity to repay the mortgage. But it can take days or even weeks for a loan officer to receive the consumer’s payslips, slowing down the process and adding stress for the consumer. With millions of trusted employer payroll records, Experian Verify can automate this process. It uses real-time data on a flexible platform that can be tailored to each client’s unique needs. It enables decisions to be made in seconds, securely, reducing stress for consumers. It also reduces risk for lenders with more accurate and up-to-date information, reduces their costs and provides a more comprehensive view of a consumer’s financial health.

How we’re helping our clients

We provide an essential service by helping businesses and consumers to interact for credit and lending

Faster, frictionless and more personalised digital interactions for consumers

High-quality and accurate data for businesses to base their decisions on

Advanced analytics that simplify tasks

Policy and regulatory compliance

Data security and privacy

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