Hosted by award-winning news anchor, Del Irani, the series unveils new insights about the world of Experian, including conversations about the many ways data, innovation, and technology are revolutionising the world of business.

Gain invaluable insights into the practical applications that result from harnessing the power of data and technology to drive business and improve our world. Conversations in these series are focused on digital innovation, artificial intelligence, customer experience, data governance, digital transformation, and emerging technologies. Subscribe to this series on YouTube.

Episode 6: Transforming Healthcare with Data and Technology
Jason Considine, Chief Commercial Officer at Experian Health, talks about how data and technology are being used to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the US healthcare market. He highlights the importance of leveraging data to make better financial decisions and identifies the digital front door trend as a key driver of change in healthcare access. You can watch the full episode here.

Episode 5: Fostering a Culture of Continuous Innovation 
Vijay Mehta, the Chief Innovation Officer at Experian Software Solutions, emphasises the importance of fostering a culture of innovation within companies. He discusses the significance of creating a safe space for experimentation, learning from failures, and leveraging technology to drive successful outcomes in today’s rapidly evolving market. You can watch the full episode here.

Episode 4: Leveraging Technology to Help Consumers Improve Their Financial Health
Dacy Yee, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer at Experian Consumer Services North America, adresses the challenges consumers encounter when managing their finances and accessing credit. She also discusses the technology solutions Experian has introduced to help consumers improve their financial situations with Experian Boost and other innovative products. You can watch the full episode here.

Episode 3: Supporting Marginalized Communities with Purpose and Innovation
Wil Lewis, Global Chief Diversity and Talent Acquisition Officer at Experian, shares valuable insights on the importance of financial health and how it can transform lives. Discover tips on achieving good financial health, understanding credit scores, and setting personal goals. Join us for this enlightening conversation and take control of your financial future. You can watch the full episode here.

Episode 2: Igniting Financial Inclusion through Innovation
Abigail Lovell, the Global Sustainability Officer at Experian, discusses the worldwide crisis of financial exclusion. Over 1.4 billion people globally lack access to mainstream financial services, with more than 50 million affected in the US alone. Abigail sheds light on the magnitude of this problem and shares how companies can make a meaningful impact. You can watch the full episode here.

Episode 1: How Technology and Innovation are Transforming Financial Services
Alex Lintner, CEO of Experian Software Solutions, shares valuable insights on how artificial intelligence and automation are revolutionising the financial services industry. Discover key tech trends, opportunities, and challenges that businesses and technology leaders must navigate to drive innovation, enhance decision-making processes, and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape. You can watch the full episode here.