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Helping people thrive financially

27% of Group revenue is accounted for by Consumer Services

Wherever someone is on their financial journey, helping them to improve their financial health enables them to get fairer access to credit and the essentials they need to transform their lives — from having a home or building their business to paying for education and healthcare. 

Consumer Services

We put people in control of their financial well-being. We help them to access many financial services, such as obtaining credit, saving money and paying bills. Because consumer data is at the core of our business, consumers need a company they can trust with that data and who will be their champion. Not only do we serve consumers directly, but our clients, whether they are businesses or other organisations, serve consumers as their end customer. This is why consumers are at the heart of all we do.

We help people and families access:

  • Seamless financial services that help make their financial lives easier, simpler and quicker to navigate
  • High-quality and accurate data to make more informed decisions
  • A high level of data security and privacy assurance 
  • Protection from fraud and identity theft

Who do we support?

  • Consumers
  • Lenders
  • Insurance providers  

How do we generate revenue?

  • Monthly subscription or one-off transaction fees 
  • Referral fees for credit products 
  • White-label partnerships  

Helping millions of people take control of their finances


of revenue accounted for by Consumer Services


people globally on our free membership platform


consumer debt renegotiated in Brazil FY23

Regional revenue split US$m ₁
North America Latin America UK and Ireland Total         
1,453 165 164 1,782
₁ Revenue from ongoing activities.

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