Applying for Experian roles

Great, we’re thrilled that you want to join us.  

The application process is simple:

  1. Head to Search Jobs
  2. Search and/or filter to find a live job that suits your requirements.
  3. Complete the 'quick apply' process - you can use your Linked profile or parse your current resume for ease. 

Get in contact! If you’re excited about an Experian® role but feel your experience doesn’t align perfectly with the role overview, we’d still love to hear from you. We might find that, upon further exploration, you’re a good fit for the role, or we might know about a different role that’s an even better fit.

Stay connected to us via our Talent Community.  

Join our Talent Community here. Let us know what type of opportunities you’d be interested in, and we’ll let you know when they become available. We’ll also keep you up to date with Experian career and culture news.

Absolutely. Once you’ve completed your profile on our application system, it’s simple to apply for a role. You’re welcome to apply for any that you’re interested in. 

Understanding the hiring process

A typical Experian hiring process can range between three to four weeks. This doesn’t include the application or onboarding phases. The hiring process is designed to help both parties make informed decisions.

Our ambition is for every new hire to be excited about joining us. So whenever possible, we also like to include informal meetings where you can meet potential peers and colleagues. 

Hiring process

Let us know as soon as possible about any support or accommodation you need during the hiring process. 
We’re committed to ensuring you feel comfortable and welcome throughout this process.

Demonstrating diversity, equity, and inclusion

DEI is core to our purpose.

We strive to ensure everything we do every day helps further the cause of equity for all. As our Global Chief DEI and Talent Acquisition Officer, Wil Lewis (he/him), says: “Equity means facilitating access to the people we serve, the products and solutions that help people achieve their dreams, and the careers that can fulfil their goals.”

Explore our DEI work in action here.

We use specialised recruitment platforms, we partner with more diverse organizations to expand our network and we’re always looking for new opportunities to expand our talent pipelines.

But it's not just about attracting diverse talent. We work hard to ensure that our people are enabled to do their best work and empowered to progress their career here at Experian.

You’ll find out more about our approach here: constructing diverse talent pipelines

We prioritize mental health and wellbeing as part of our global diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.  

This starts with creating psychologically safe and healthy workplace environments, and it includes raising awareness, breaking stigmas and promoting the benefits of mental health.

Our holistic approach is centred around psychological safety, support and flexibility and aims to:

  • Educate – Raise awareness, reduce stigma, and foster a preventative and open culture around mental health.
  • Equip – Equip our people with tools and resources needed to proactively support their wellbeing.
  • Empathise – Offer consistent and empathetic support for all people. 

You can find out more, including reading our Global Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing here.

Working at Experian

Yes. We encourage and proactively support formal and informal training and learning opportunities for all our people.

As a global enterprise organisation, we follow a standard ‘blended learning’ approach, and we support this with the latest tools, access to self-learning courses and exciting experiential opportunities, such as global assignments, gig projects and the opportunity to shadow a specific role.

Yes. We actively support our people expanding their experience and horizons.

As a global company, there’s potential to move locations or to change career direction. We recommend that our people speak to their Human Resources team to find out what opportunities are available.

Unfortunately not. 

Although you can choose to work anywhere within the country where your role is based, you can’t work in another country. This is due to the complexity of corporate tax laws, employment laws and the right to work across different countries.

However, in some cases, it’s possible to work for a specific period from another country where Experian has an office.

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