Likelihood of credit approval jumps ahead of pre-pandemic levels

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07 April 2021

Experian launches loans from non-profit community lenders

United Kingdom

First time that eligibility is available for these loans via a major comparison provider. Experian wants to help those who have limited eligibility for mainstream loans to avoid high-interest-r...

29 March 2021

Mortgage demand through the roof following stamp duty holiday exten...

United Kingdom

UK, 29 March 2021: Mortgage search volumes have increased by 14.6% week-on-week since the Budget on 3 March 2021 [1], according to new data from Experian. Mortgage enquiries on Experian’s mortgage...

22 March 2021

Credit Awareness Week: People ‘still in the dark’ when it comes to ...

United Kingdom

46% of the public have never checked their credit report and 75% wrongly believe there’s a ‘credit blacklist’. Comprehensive guide about credit information launched to boost public understanding.

22 March 2021

Credit Awareness Week: Millions still excluded from mainstream fina...

United Kingdom

Experian reduces thin and no file population by 620,000 – and pledges to go further still by adding more new data sources and improving the industry’s data quality. Experian Boost can help more peo...

16 March 2021

New eligibility checker from Experian and The New Homes Group remov...

United Kingdom

Service will help brokers match people with lenders most likely to offer them a mortgage

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