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31 August 2023

Captives Recapture Total Vehicle Financing Market Share in the U.S.

United States

New Experian report shows consumers continuing to opt for shorter term loans

01 June 2023

In search of lower interest rates, some new vehicle shoppers opted ...

United States

New Experian report shows prime and super prime consumers returning to the used vehicle market

14 April 2023

Experian and CarCloud shift into higher gear as partnership set to ...

United Kingdom

Latest CarCloud app development allows drivers to check eligibility for more affordable car finance deals

02 March 2023

One in 4 vehicles financed by credit unions in Q4 2022, as consumer...

United States

New Experian report shows average loan amount increases tapering off, while average terms decreased

26 January 2023

New Experian alliance with Recurrent empowers dealers to make infor...

United States

Addition of the Recurrent Battery Report will augment AutoCheck reports with critical EV information, including current range and impact of weather conditions

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