Inspiring and supporting our people

At Experian, we work to create a better tomorrow for consumers, for businesses, and for our communities. This ambition underpins our plans for our people – to ensure we have the best talent, working in a high-performing and inclusive environment where they feel they can do their best work in support of our vision. Our People agenda is designed to support the business’s ambitious growth plans.

Our People agenda has five clear strategic focus areas and you can read more about these on pages 56-61 of our 2022 Annual Report.

1. Creating a culture that puts people first

Our ambition is to be a market-leading talent destination, underpinned by a culture where our people feel valued and able to do their best work. Fundamental to this is the development of our refreshed and aligned global employee value proposition (EVP) underpinned by four key pillars – People First, Together We Win, Force for Good and Innovate.

Our core philosophy at Experian is that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is essential to our purpose of creating a better tomorrow by making positive change in the world, and actively supporting efforts to close the financial wealth gap of underserved communities.

In FY22, we developed a three-year DEI strategy and hold ourselves accountable to the five DEI commitments we have made: active sponsorship, better understand our opportunities and challenges, measure progress against specific goals, ensure accountability, and support our people. Our global commitment to establishing this philosophy starts with Group Operating Committee (OpCo) sponsorship of gender, LGBTQ+, ethnicity, disability and mental health.

You can read our 2022 DEI Report here

In 2021 we set three-year targets for gender diversity across the business. The actions we have taken this year have helped us make progress against these, but we remain committed to doing even more. In addition this year we are adding a focus on increasing the representation of Black and Hispanic/Latino employees in our US business.

2. Preparing our organisation for growth

We are an ambitious organisation, so we continue to prepare for global opportunities and growth. Fundamental to facilitating this growth is our Future of Work programme.

The global pandemic gave us an opportunity to adopt new ways of working, which accelerated existing trends exponentially. This resulted in a set of globally aligned principles on how we work, which included a review of the role of the office, identifying what technology investments we would need, and the real-estate footprint that would allow us to maintain our strong culture in a more remote world.

Our framework created roles that are categorised in one of four ways – Hub, Hybrid, Home and Roam – and all regions are now implementing the Future of Work programme outputs, taking local conditions into account.

3. Growing world-beating tech-company leaders

As an organisation, we recognise that our leaders amplify our ambition, culture, and values. With this in mind, we have taken the time to consider what ‘great looks like’ globally for current and potential leaders. We have used these insights to develop a set of Characteristics of Great Leadership, which form the basis of how we will now assess and develop our leaders and plan for succession.

4. Making tech skills our advantage

We recognise that having the right skills and capabilities in the organisation is fundamental to achieving our ambitions. To facilitate this, we have evolved our approach to skills forecasting, prediction and planning through a new Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) programme aiming to create tools and a framework that enables us to fill our critical skills gaps effectively, globally.

To underpin our SWP approach, we have developed a global skills framework for defining, assessing, growing and evaluating our talent, focusing on tech talent as a priority.

As we look to compete for the talent we need, we have spent time developing a new reward philosophy and strategy specifically designed to attract and retain key tech talent. This includes a structured framework built on market-competitive total-reward levels for technical job families, alongside increased flexibility to differentiate reward to recognise individual contribution within these technical roles.

5. Supercharging employability

We continue to invest in our career development strategies, which remain key to being a market-leading employer. Our first ever global Career Hub is an internal portal, a one-stop-shop for employee career growth and holistic development needs. It helps identify skills gaps, and provide career coaching, learning channels, gigs, academies, bootcamps and university curriculums to our people. Employees are able to view and compare potential roles and take up learning opportunities to enhance their skills and capabilities.

You can read more about how we support and inspire our people on pages 56-61 of our 2022 Annual Report.