Improving Financial Health

We are putting financial health at the heart of our strategy to create a better tomorrow for consumers, our clients, our people and communities. This is where we can make the biggest difference, using our people, products and profits to deliver positive societal impact and contribute to business growth.

Improving Financial Health targets; Reach 100m people with Social Innovation products by 2025; Reach 100m people with United for Financial Health by 2024


Why Financial Health Matters

Financial health is vital for people to get access to credit and essentials they need to transform their quality of life – from having a home or building their business, to paying for education and healthcare. This in turn can help to drive social and economic development, lift people out of poverty and contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (see page 4). Although we have seen some improvements, financial health challenges are still preventing millions of people around the world from accessing opportunities to improve their lives.


Our role – improving financial lives

We can add the most value to society by improving financial health for all. We’ve made this our strategic priority in our approach to sustainable business. We’re helping people overcome financial health challenges by focusing on:

Read more about our commitment to improving financial health in our 2023 report here.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Given our sustainable business strategic priority of Improving Financial Health for all, we have identified three of the SDGs where we can make a meaningful contribution:

  • These SDG targets are related to improving access to credit, microfinance and financial services, and we contribute to these via our core products, social innovation, and community investment
  • Target: Reach 100m people through social innovation products by 2025
  • Target: Reach 100m people through United for Financial Health by 2024