Our journey to become a sustainable business has been recognised by external organisations.

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2017 Javelin Strategy & Research Best Overall Identity Proofing Platform

Experian's CrossCore, a plug-and-play platform for fraud and identity services, has been awarded the inaugural 2017 Javelin Strategy & Research Best Overall Identity Proofing Platform award. Javelin’s Identity Proofing Platform Awards provide financial institutions and other businesses a view into the identity proofing landscape, helping them to better assess their current capabilities against modern fraud threats and facilitate the process of identifying new partners. In a field of 23 providers, Experian's CrossCore took the award for the best overall identity-proofing platform. CrossCore helps organisations to cut complexity and cost, while improving fraud detection, increasing efficiency and offering a friction-free customer journey. This award is important because protecting customers is a priority for our clients and for us.

International SOS Foundation Duty of Care Awards 2017 - honourable mention

Experian’s Travel Security and Safety programme received an honourable mention by the ISOS Foundation in the return on investment category. This category recognises cost effective programmes that mitigate risk to employees travelling or working abroad

Top Employers UK 2017

We have been independently certified by the Top Employers Institute as one of the Top Employers in the UK. The Top Employers certification recognises that we’ve created the finest conditions for our employees to develop, both professionally and personally. Being certified demonstrates that we are among the very best employers in the UK.

UN global recognition of Good Practices for Professionals with Disability in Brazil

In December 2016, Serasa Experian received from the United Nations (UN) - the global recognition of "Good Practices for Professionals with Disability", Reconhecimento Global de Boas Práticas para Trabalhadores com Deficiência - ONU, for our extensive work of diversity and inclusion in Brazil. Serasa Experian has been recognized in the People Management category, with the “Top Talent Project” - this project works in an active and preventive way, encouraging and accelerating the process of professional development, mitigating the risks of disconnections and contributing to the alignment of the inclusive and humanistic culture of Serasa Experian.

II Empregueafro Award for Valuing Ethnic-Racial Diversity 2016

In December 2016, Serasa Experian received the Empregueafro Award for Valuation of Ethnic-Racial Diversity 2016 in the category "Best corporate initiative for the promotion of racial equality", II Prêmio Empregueafro de Valorização da Diversidade Étnico-Racial 2016. In addition to our company, two employees were also honored: Andrea Regina, Corporate Sustainability Manager, for her personal and professional engagement in promoting diversity inside and outside the company, and Claudionor Alves, Manager of Security Office, received honorable mentions in the Category "Notoriety black professional 2016".