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12 March 2019

New data sources could boost financial inclusion by 1.5 million

United Kingdom

Rental payments, combined with utilities and Open Banking data has the potential to inform better decisions and enable greater access to mainstream financial services

11 March 2019

Nearly half of Brits have never checked their credit report

United Kingdom

72% of young people aged 18-24 have never checked their credit report

06 March 2019

Fraudsters increasingly target over 60s and look to countryside for...

United Kingdom

Experian develops machine learning technology to zero in on fraudulent applications

18 February 2019

UK households overpaying by £2,500 a year on their bills

United Kingdom

Nearly two thirds of people haven’t switched energy supplier in the last year

12 February 2019

“Control issues” see businesses struggling to realise data’s full p...

United Kingdom

95% of organisations see negative impacts from poor data quality, affecting customer experience, business efficiency and reputation

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