Consumer Services

Putting people in control – helping people understand and take control of their credit, while protecting themselves from identity theft and fraud

Whether you need a new home, or just a weekend away, we can help you get where you need to be. We’ll help you get a clear picture of your financial situation, and take control of it.

Putting people in control of their credit

We create credit reports by collecting and analysing credit histories – sorting through data about the credit people applied for, whether or not their applications were successful, and how they paid the credit back. We share this information with businesses so they can calculate a credit decision, usually using a credit score. This score predicts how likely people are to pay back what they owe. This combination of data, scores and software enables businesses to make accurate, fair and quick credit decisions.

Today millions of people in the USA, UK, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and India can see their credit report online and see what lenders see when they review your credit report.

Find out more and see your Experian credit report and Experian score here: 

Helping people understand their financial situation

Just a little mistake, like missing a bill payment or maxing out a credit card, can lower a credit score. This makes it harder for people to borrow for the things they need in life. As well as giving people access to their credit report, our online tools and call centre experts help people understand their data so they may use it to get access to credit to obtain the things they want. Each year, we have over ten million telephone conversations with people to help them access and understand their credit reports and scores. We believe the more people learn and understand about credit, the more power they have to better manage it, and to be eligible for better credit deals. This way, people can borrow more affordably, from a lender who knows they can trust them.   

Some people don’t have traditional credit histories. Others don’t have any credit history at all. This makes it much harder to borrow, and sometimes lenders either make the cost of borrowing very hard, or they refuse to lend anything at all. So we’re helping these people by building a better picture of their finances. We’re collecting and combining information that’s never been used before, like people’s history of paying rent on time. We want to help people to get the loan they need to buy the house or car they want, or even start a business. 

Protecting people’s identities

We constantly monitor the information in people’s credit reports, and our online tools quietly work away in the background, looking for suspected fraud patterns and notifying people to take immediate action to protect against fraud. If people do become victims of fraud, we are on hand to help – working with them to contact banks and organisations, even freezing their credit until we’ve helped them reclaim their identity. We helped 538,000 victims of fraud last year. 

We’re always here to give people power to take control of their credit and their identity. This way people can anticipate, act and plan for a better tomorrow.   

Consumer Services contributes 27%* to our global revenue

 *We calculated this from April 2022-March 2023.