Directors' Interests


Shares held in
Experian plc
31 March 2022

Mike Rogers 15,287
Executive directors  
Brian Cassin(3) 574,440
Lloyd Pitchford(3) 310,226
Kerry Williams(2) 183,455
Non-executive directors  
Dr. Ruba Borno 3,356
Alison Brittain 7,500
Caroline Donahue 10,000
Luiz Fleury 9,650
Jonathan Howell 8,000
Deirdre Mahlan 15,000
George Rose 20,000


1. For regulatory purposes, as at 17 May 2022, there had been no changes in the above interests.

2. The number of Experian shares held by Kerry Williams at 31 March 2022 included 183,455 shares awarded to him under the Experian North America Co-investment Plan as a result of his annual bonus deferral elections, in addition to his personal beneficial shareholding. Kerry Williams has an unconditional right to receive these Experian shares at the end of the relevant deferral period. These shares do not carry dividend or voting rights prior to receipt.

3. The number of Experian shares held by Brian Cassin and Lloyd Pitchford at 31 March 2022 included 100,955 and 62,296 invested shares in the Experian Co-investment Plan respectively.