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Helping people and organisations protect, manage and make the most of their data

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    Investor Seminar - Wednesday, 28 January 2015


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    Who we are

    With 16,000 employees in 39 countries, we are the world’s leading information services provider, helping millions of people and organisations every day to protect, manage and make the most of their data.

    Our differentiators and fundamentals

    Products and Services

    We create products and services that generate value for society and our business.


    We work in partnership with our communities to support their social and economic developement.


    We support consumers to make informed and responsible decisions, providing them with access to credit information and educational materials.


    We protect and manage our data securely and responsibly. Data quality and accuracy is fundamental to our business.


    We operate efficiently and minimise our impact on the environment.


    We harness the talent and skills of our employees.

    Our four global business lines

    Working at Experian

    • Our Organisation

      We’re proud to say that the work we do every day helps millions of people and organisations around the world to protect, manage and make the most of their data.

    • Our Culture

      To understand what makes us tick, you have to look at what we call the Heart of Experian. It’s the way we define our culture and acknowledge, honour and celebrate the things that make us special.

    • Our Promise

      What you bring sets us apart. What’s the one thing we have that no one else has? Our people. Which is exactly why our focus will always be the people who make us great every day.

    • Global Opportunities

      Together anything is possible. Ready to translate your passions into powerful insights? Bring your ideas, your enthusiasm and your expertise to Experian.

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