I heard a talk on tips to tackle fraud which helped me stop scammers in their tracks

"I’m retired and I volunteer with Age Concern at a community centre cafe where people can come in for advice and a cup of tea and they do talks on different topics. I went to one about tackling fraud. I suppose a lot of it is basic common sense really. But it’s not basic if you’ve not come across it before – or if you’re a trusting soul like me.

We’re downsizing at the moment and we’ve got a big oak dresser and chest that just won’t fit in the new place so I put them up for sale on Gumtree. It had been on for about a week when I got a very polite email asking if they were still available. The message sounded so genuine and they were happy to pay the £400 I was asking.

They wanted to pay via PayPal because they were out of the country at the moment. They said they’d put £750 into my PayPal account then I would need to send them £350 from my local Western Union which would pay for the delivery cost. At first I didn’t really stop and think about it, but at the back of my mind I was thinking something’s wrong here.

I started thinking about something that was mentioned at the talk and it suddenly dawned on me that they hadn’t asked for my PayPal details. That’s when I realised I was being scammed. I put a stop to it, but it has made me frightened to advertise again. In the end my daughter sold the dresser for me on another site. But I’ve still got the chest!”

- Lynne (from the UK)