Our Limpa Nome recovery portal helps consumers in Brazil renegotiate unmanageable debts to clear their name and restore their credit rating.

Limpa Nome

The challenge

Unmanageable debts can spiral out of control. 

As interest payments pile up on top of each other, the original debt becomes many times worse.

More than 72 million people in Brazil – a third of the country’s population – have defaulted on their debts, which impacts their credit rating. 

Our solution

Our Limpa Nome recovery portal enables consumers to renegotiate their debts with lenders and agree realistic payment plans that they can afford.

By clearing their name of bad debts, this empowers them to build financial confidence and take back control of their finances.

We go further through community outreach to help more people renegotiate their debts and learn about ways to avoid defaulting in future.

Experian volunteers contribute their expertise at Limpa Nome Fair events and a mobile unit, Serasa na Estrada, travels around the country. These initiatives also provide access to the online Limpa Nome recovery portal for people without internet.


• More than 39 million people have used Limpa Nome over the last decade 

• US$ 11.9bn of unmanageable debt renegotiated 

• Brazil’s Ministry of Finance chose Experian Serasa to power its Desenrola federal debt renegotiation programme