Experian unveils Ascend Ops™, an industry-first solution to transform lender operations

New model deployment capability enables end-to-end marketing, acquisitions, fraud prevention, account management and more all from one integrated platform

COSTA MESA, Calif., June 21, 2023 — To combat the challenges lenders face in deploying and managing models, Experian® today announced the launch of Ascend Ops™. Experian’s first-of-its-kind solution empowers lenders to deploy new features and models in days or weeks instead of months.

While optimized for financial services, Ascend Ops can be used to build, deploy and manage models across industries. The solution can deploy and run models created in any popular open-source language or development platform without recoding or additional technical support. 

“Ascend Ops is a game changer in operational efficiency and, most importantly, in helping our clients protect and better serve consumers without making significant investments in their infrastructure,” said Scott Brown, President, Consumer Information Services. “Our solution provides a smarter, faster and better way for our clients to rapidly deploy and manage models for key use cases, including marketing, underwriting, fraud prevention, account management and more.”

To date, more than 50 financial institutions are early adopters of Ascend Ops to transform their model deployment and management operations.

Why it matters

  • In today’s rapidly changing environment, 95% of lenders are using advanced analytics to stay ahead and best serve consumers.
  • As models become more sophisticated, deployment timelines and costs can increase.
  • Experian’s research shows it takes 15 months on average to build a model for credit decisioning and 55% of lenders have built models that have not made it to production.

Experian’s integrated solution

Ascend Ops is the latest innovation on the award-winning Experian Ascend Technology Platform and transforms business operations by:

  • Automating the deployment of custom features and models for various business outcomes and moving them into production in days instead of months
  • Accelerating the use of advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities
  • Leveraging powerful run-time services to source data and calculate models for real-time and batch decisions
  • Eliminating the need to recode models, allowing businesses to code once in any language they choose, and then reuse across the customer lifecycle
  • Providing a solution that allows clients’ data, analytics, and models to be accessible to their decision engine as well as across all their deployment applications
  • Proactively monitoring and tracking model performance

Business outcomes in action

Ascend Ops can be used independently or with other integrated solutions available on the Experian Ascend Technology Platform, including Ascend Analytical Sandbox™, Credit Profile, Ascend Marketing, PowerCurve® and Ascend Account Insight Review, to optimize decisions for key business outcomes.

For example, when Ascend Ops is used with Ascend Marketing, Experian’s clients can drive campaigns into production in hours or days instead of weeks or months. Leveraging these Experian solutions together allows clients to react to changing conditions, test and learn, and get changes to production much quicker and cost effectively. 

To learn more about Ascend Ops, please visit https://www.experian.com/business/products/ascend-ops.

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