Award-winning analytics platform now also available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Innovative technology (Big Data & ML), exclusive data and consulting from a single source.

Baden-Baden, Germany, April 14, 2021 - The international information services provider Experian is now offering its cloud-based analytics platform Ascend in the DACH region. Through this globally proven and award-winning platform, companies benefit from the most advanced technology and can rely on a dedicated team of internationally experienced analysts and business experts. Additionally and uniquely, Ascend provides access to exclusive and anonymised data from Experian. This enables companies, for example, to reduce payment defaults through improved risk prediction, increase conversion and thus revenue on their online platform through process automation, and optimise costs and profits through analytically generated customer segments and customer values. The platform combines the capabilities of innovative technologies from the fields of Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data with classic Business Intelligence (BI). This triad of data, consulting and technology is unique in the industry. As a Software as a Service (SaaS), the Ascend platform is easy to use, scale and also saves up to 30 percent of costs compared to building an in-house analytics solution.

"With many of our customers' solutions, it is still a long way to go from data to information, to gain insights, and then ultimately to draw the right conclusions and turn them into a competitive advantage" explains Kai Kalchthaler, CEO of Experian DACH. "The use of a future-proof analytics platform is an essential cornerstone for realising sustainable competitive advantages with digital transformation. We provide our customers with additional information through exclusive data, which allows them a more comprehensive and detailed view of the market. As a SaaS platform, it can be used without significant IT effort and our experts ensure that our customers quickly achieve better results."

As the only analytics solution on the market, Ascend not only enables full use of all customer proprietary data, but also provides immediate access to exclusive information that gives companies far more comprehensive and accurate insights. Experian data is of course available to them in a GDPR-compliant aggregated and anonymised form for their models and analyses on a continuous basis.

Local analytics programs on PCs or BI solutions that do not use ML and Big Data technologies are no longer sufficient to gain competitive advantage from data. Data sets are now too large and stored in a decentralised structure, meaning they cannot be exploited by conventional means. In addition, a significant portion consists of unstructured data that is not suitable for processing with traditional methods. Experian's platform provides a dynamic ecosystem that centrally aggregates and analyses data of all types. The insights gained can be used in a variety of ways, including data-driven enhancement and optimisation of risk score cards, cross-selling models, more accurate customer segmentation, and implementation of regulatory requirements such as model monitoring and validation. Experian's pre-built functional components and solution modules provide customers with ideal starting positions for faster development and better explicability of specific models. For this purpose, they can draw on an analytics toolbox with the latest AI and ML programs, including Python, R and Scala. The multi-user architecture also allows internal customer teams to work collaboratively with Experian analytics and business experts on the platform, and solve their problems with more than a hundred global experts. Ascend also offers both traditional and interactive reporting and data visualisation capabilities that help employees at all levels draw the right conclusions faster.


About Experian DACH

Experian is the global market leader in information services. Experian helps consumers and our clients to use data with confidence. Experian helps individuals take control of their financial affairs and gain access to financial services. Experian helps companies make smart, growth-enhancing decisions and lenders to issue credit in responsible ways. Organisations are given the tools they need to protect themselves against identity fraud and crime.

In 2020, the company acquired a majority stake in the Risk Management division of Arvato Financial Solutions, thus established Experian DACH as the region's leading service provider for risk, fraud and identity management.

Experian offers companies of all sizes and from all industries the appropriate services and solutions. The company's flexible industry solutions are based on the relevant best practices. They offer e-commerce operators, insurance companies, financial service providers and telecommunications companies the best basis for their risk, fraud and identity management. Whenever required, Experian also develops tailor-made, company-specific solutions to better respond to clients’ challenges.

Experian employs around 17,800 people in 45 countries worldwide. The company continually invests in technology, people and innovation to deliver the best possible output to clients. Experian is listed on the London Stock Exchange (EXPN) and is an integral part of the FTSE 100 index.

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