Experian’s cloud-based solutions adapt to today’s evolving customer needs

PowerCurve® decision management suite is now offered both fully-customized and in out-of-the-box applications to meet the needs of businesses large and small

Costa Mesa, Calif., September 23, 2020 — Experian announced today a new set of cloud-based solutions designed for companies that seek to automate decisions across an increasingly complex customer journey. To meet a growing demand for automated, analytically driven decisioning from businesses of all sizes, these releases comprise both pre-configured solutions for organizations that prefer standard, ‘out-of-the-box’ applications and highly configurable solutions for clients with sophisticated, decision-driven business processes. These offerings are part of Experian’s market leading PowerCurve suite of decision management solutions and are deployed on Experian’s modern, scalable cloud platform.

“Today’s changing market is forcing organizations to reshape the customer journey at an unprecedented pace. Now more than ever, businesses large and small require solutions that are secure, can easily scale to meet emerging needs and changes in demand, and can be upgraded seamlessly to avoid getting stuck on outdated software,” said Donna DePasquale, Experian’s general manager, executive vice president of global decisioning. “Businesses now can benefit from the entire PowerCurve platform or select those capabilities that help them address specific needs.”

In a recent Forrester Blog titled ‘Troubled Times Test Traditional Tech Titans’, Glenn O’Donnell, Vice President, Research Director at Forrester highlights that “as we saw in prior economic crises, the developments that carried business through the crisis remained in place. As many companies shift their infrastructure to cloud services through this pandemic, those migrated systems will almost certainly remain in the cloud.”

PowerCurve cloud-based solutions provide a solid foundation of innovation for financial services providers, fintechs and high-growth businesses to simplify their IT environment. Whether pre-configured or highly configurable, our solutions are supported by PowerCurve Strategy Design Studio, a flexible tool to create and administer effective decision strategies.

“Being able to tap into Experian’s data, decisioning software and analytics has helped us accelerate our own transformation while we continue to redefine the banking experience for consumers in the markets we serve,” says Mayank Markanday, President and Chief Risk Officer at AU Bank. “Out-of-the-box decision management technology saves us time and resources, so we can focus on delivering innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs, always guided by the principles of simplicity, inclusion and progress for all.”

Pre-configured SaaS solutions bring decisioning to new markets

Experian has developed a set of pre-configured SaaS decisioning solutions to address the increasing demand from small and mid-size organizations for decisioning technology.

PowerCurve Customer Acquisition, designed to quickly acquire high value customers and PowerCurve Eligibility Check, which helps lenders automatically assess which prospects are the right fit for their credit products, are ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions that help provide rapid, efficient, and customer friendly interactions. Both integrate Experian’s rich data, analytics, decisioning capabilities and expertise in credit risk to automate key processes across the customer journey. Safe and flexible to tailor to existing infrastructure and requirements, these solutions allow for rapid deployment, so clients are up and running in days, not months.

Delivering a full range of decisioning capabilities to serve our largest enterprise clients

Large organizations are increasingly deploying cloud-based solutions as they seek to modernize their IT infrastructure. To satisfy their complex needs, Experian’s cloud-based solutions can be tailored to highly sophisticated business processes. PowerCurve Strategy Management and PowerCurve Originations products are available on the cloud offering the required flexibility to configure the organization’s decisioning software.This latest update to the PowerCurve decision management suite also delivers enhanced control over data, application, and physical security to help IT policy governance and compliance.

A modern cloud-deployment platform supports our new PowerCurve solutions

Experian’s clients can seamlessly and securely access, configure, and manage the new PowerCurve SaaS solutions through Experian’s proprietary cloud-deployment platform. Lengthy and costly upgrades are now a thing of the past with automatic security, feature and platform upgrades so IT teams aren’t stuck with the distraction of managing outdated legacy software.

PowerCurve, which is used by Global 2000 companies across the globe, is a platform to help businesses make analytically driven decisions and adopt the most effective decision management strategies across the entire Customer Life Cycle. Highly-configurable PowerCurve solutions are available on the cloud in all regions and cloud-based, pre-configured solutions vary by market.

To learn more about PowerCurve and the latest update, visit www.experian.com/powercurve.

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