Advanced data and innovative technology power Experian’s efforts to help marketers more accurately identify customers

Connecting digital and offline identities can lead to more relevant advertisements and an improved customer experience

Costa Mesa, Calif., Nov. 19, 2019 — Our society relies heavily on digital devices and channels, and with that the concept of identity has quickly become the foundation of every customer interaction—particularly within the digital advertising ecosystem. In response to the emerging strategic importance of identity, Experian today announced a new innovative solution that uses the fusion of data and artificial intelligence, to help marketers connect Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) with digital and offline identity attributes to better understand their target audiences.

Powered by Experian’s vast data assets and identity platform, the new solution incorporates machine-learning algorithms, as well as deterministic and probabilistic techniques, to sift and connect billions of advanced identity signals and data elements, including MAIDs, from a wide variety of internal and external sources. The outcome of this process allows brand marketers to implement more effective analytics, audience segmentation and activation, and measurement capabilities.

“Experian has always been a leader in identity resolution, helping brand marketers more accurately identify and understand customers, while also keeping customers at the heart of every marketing strategy,” said Kevin Dean, Experian’s president and general manager of Marketing Services, North America. “However, with more and more customers relying on mobile devices, an individual’s digital identity has evolved. Our commitment to technology and innovation and use of advanced analytics, as well as data privacy ensures marketers can more reliably connect these digital identifiers with offline attributes and provide a more relevant advertising experience, and doing so in a privacy-compliant manner.”

Developed in collaboration with Experian DataLabs, the company’s advanced analytics research and development group, the MAID resolution capability has led to clients seeing an improvement in match rates and scale in terms of their ability to connect consumer and household identities.

The new solution will be available via Experian’s identity resolution platform, MarketingConnect(SM), which helps brands, agencies and marketing technology vendors connect disparate data sources to better understand audiences, build and deploy custom segments and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

“The combination of hundreds of digital and offline touchpoints, disjointed technology and data silos make it difficult for brands and agencies to gain a single customer view,” added Dean. “Consumers need to be at the heart of every advertising campaign—and proper identity resolution is critical to accomplishing that objective. The ability to connect these data elements, with consideration to data privacy, opens the door for brands and agencies to create and deliver personalized messages that are timely and relevant to their audiences.”

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