Full-year financial report

Preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2017

7am, 18 May 2017 ─ Experian plc, the global information services company, today issues its financial results for the year ended 31 March 2017.

General highlights – Ongoing operations (excluding CCM discontinued operations)

  • 6% total revenue growth, 5% organic revenue growth at constant currency, consistent with our target range.
  • On an ongoing activities basis Benchmark EBIT margin was up 60 basis points to 27.7%1, up 30 basis points at constant currency and Benchmark EBIT growth was 7% at constant currency.
  • Strategy translating into results; significant growth opportunities emerging over the medium term.
  • Strong growth across the B2B areas of Credit Services, Decision Analytics and Marketing Services.
  • Growth across all regions, with particular strength in Latin America and EMEA/Asia Pacific.
  • Considerable progress made towards repositioning Consumer Services, now securing millions of free members to engage with new offers.
  • Portfolio focus further sharpened, following agreement to sell the email/cross channel marketing business.
  • Continuing strong commitment to shareholder returns:
    - Over US$700m returned to shareholders in the year via dividend and share repurchases
    - Second interim dividend up 4% to 28.5 US cents per ordinary share; total dividend for FY17 up 4% to 41.5 US cents per share.
    - Share repurchase programme of US$600m to be executed during FY18.


Statutory financial highlights

Total Growth
Revenue 4,335 4,237 2
Operating profit 1,075 1,057 2
Profit before tax 1,071 966 11
Basic EPS US92.1c US78.6c 17



Benchmark financial highlights 1,2


rates growth %

2017 incl. CCM US$m 
Revenue2  4,335  4,164  6  4,643


 1,199  1,145  1,253


 1,124  1,071  1,178


 US88.4c  US84.4c  US92.4c


1 Benchmark metrics exclude the discontinued operations of email/cross-channel marketing and prior year comparatives have been restated to reflect the transaction. Reconciliation of Benchmark financial metrics including and excluding email/cross channel marketing can be found on page 2.

2 Revenue from ongoing activities. See Appendix 1 on page 14 and note 5 to the Group financial statements on pages 25-6 for definitions of non-GAAP measures.

3 See page 7 for reconciliation of Benchmark EBIT from ongoing activities to Benchmark EBIT. 

Brian Cassin, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

“It has been a good year for Experian. We have made considerable progress strategically, operationally and financially. Our portfolio is sharper and we are continuing to invest to drive growth through innovative products and new services. We have also returned significant capital to our shareholders.

“As we look ahead, our sector is vibrant. Clients are seeking new ways to combine and analyse vast quantities of data to drive better business outcomes and consumers want to better understand and protect their financial status. This plays to our core strengths and is opening up many new opportunities for Experian. Over the next 12-18 months we will continue to innovate and are introducing a wave of new products to bring fresh thinking and new services to meet this demand.

“As we look ahead, we expect to sustain good momentum in our financial performance and we anticipate another year of good growth, within our target mid single-digit organic revenue growth range, with stable margins and further progress in Benchmark earnings per share.”

View the full press release in PDF format.

Impact of Email/Cross-Channel Marketing Divestment

On 3 April 2017, we announced the agreed divestment of 75% of email/cross channel marketing (‘CCM’) which have been reclassified as discontinued activities for FY17. In the table below we show Benchmark financial metrics including and excluding CCM.

US$m FY17 as reported CCM FY17 including CCM
Revenue 4,335 308 4,643
Organic revenue growth 5%   4%
Benchmark EBIT from ongoing activities 1,199 54 1,253
Benchmark EBIT Margin 27.7%   27.0%
Benchmark PBT 1,124 54 1,178
Benchmark EPS US88.4c 4.0 US92.4c




Brian Cassin Chief Executive Officer +44 (0)20 3042 4215

Lloyd Pitchford Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Simms Head of Investor Relations

Gerry Tschopp Senior VP, Group Communications


Rollo Head +44 (0)20 7251 3801

Jenny Davey

There will be a presentation today at 9.30am (UK time) to analysts and investors at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Financial Centre, 2 King Edward Street, London, EC1A 1HQ. The presentation can be viewed live via the link from the Experian website at www.experianplc.com and can also be accessed live via a telephone dial-in facility: +44 844 800 3850 (UK and International) or +44 208 996 3900 (all others), using access code 20337137. The supporting slides and an indexed replay will be available on the website later in the day.

Experian will update on first quarter trading for FY18 on 18 July 2017.


Certain financial data have been rounded within this announcement. As a result of this rounding, the totals of data presented may vary slightly from the actual arithmetic totals of such data.

Forward looking statements

Certain statements made in this announcement are forward looking statements. Such statements are based on current expectations and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from any expected future events or results referred to in these forward looking statements. See note 27 to the financial statements for further information on risks and uncertainties facing Experian. 

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