Experian’s technology-sharing platform unlocks next wave in fraud prevention.

Costa Mesa, Calif., Dec. 19, 2016 With the increased attention on fraud and cyber security, Experian has seen more companies turn to its CrossCore™ product to strengthen fraud mitigation efforts without the burden of custom integrations for every new service.

“We’re quickly adding new partners so we can give our clients more choices than ever before,” said Steve Platt, global executive vice president, Fraud and Identity, Experian. “When we launched CrossCore in June, we said that before CrossCore, no one vendor could do it all. The ‘plug-and-play’ capability allows companies to connect multiple disparate services through a common access point for a layered approach to managing risk.”

We are determined to help clients stop fraud faster while minimizing the integration burden on IT. So, how are we doing that? CrossCore supports a layered approach to managing risk, allowing partners to offer value-added services alongside existing Experian fraud and identity solutions. Experian clients can further reduce risks by accessing capabilities from Emailage, Whitepages Pro, iQor and myNetWatchman through the industry’s first open platform. Additionally, Monitise FINKit® clients can access the identity and fraud management capabilities of the CrossCore platform.

There is an essential complexity to fraud mitigation. Integration through CrossCore makes things like policy changes a simple matter by turning specific services on and off in each decision flow. Clients can choose the services they want, when they want them, to dial in the right confidence level for each and every transaction — and they can do it with the click of a button.

Companies can connect any new or existing tools and systems in one place. Powerful workflow and strategy design capabilities allow fraud and compliance teams to rapidly create and adapt strategies based on evolving threats and business needs.

The new CrossCore partners include:
Monitise (LSE: MONI): Monitise PLC is a specialist in financial services technology focused on accelerating the digital transformation of banks and financial institutions. Monitise FINKit® platform and associated capabilities build on more than a decade of experience in delivering digital services to banks and financial services partners. Whether it is augmenting legacy services with minimal impact on those systems, a greenfield project or strategic digital transformation, FINKit® delivers innovation at speed — safely and securely.

Emailage: A global hub of intelligence associated with email addresses, which enables companies to determine whether a transaction is fraudulent or legitimate. This vast network is combined with machine learning algorithms to generate a Risk Score, based on rules that are easily tailored to existing risk engines. Emailage Risk Assessment empowers CrossCore users to effectively fight fraud and increase revenue and transaction approvals — all while preventing unnecessary customer friction.

Whitepages Pro: Provides businesses with global identity verification data via enterprise-scale APIs and web tools to help them quickly identify legitimate customers, prevent fraudulent transactions and smooth new customer account creation. CrossCore clients will have access to authoritative phone, email, address and IP verification data for real-time identity insights along with powerful analytics and tools to maximize the power of that data.

iQor: A global provider of business process outsourcing and product support solutions and the leading provider of e-commerce card-not-present chargeback services. The partnership with iQor ensures CrossCore clients looking for an additional chargeback management solution can round out their overall fraud management portfolio.

myNetWatchman: A leading threat intelligence firm with the ability to flag fraudulent connections in real time. Integrating such threat intelligence with CrossCore improves fraud detection, mitigation and investigation through extrapolated visibility, automated flagging and granular reporting.

Partner quotes:
“There are a lot of powerful solutions out there to help companies improve their fraud detection and prevention, but limited budgets and ever-challenged IT resources often stand in the way,” said Rob Eleveld, CEO, Whitepages Pro. “The Experian CrossCore platform makes it possible for those companies to easily access best-in-class products and services like Whitepages Pro when they need them without the implementation burden.”

“Our partnership with Experian and integration with the CrossCore platform means we can now offer Emailage fraud detection while working seamlessly with other best-in-class technology services,” said Rei Carvalho, CEO, Emailage.

Learn more about CrossCore at http://www.experian.com/crosscore.