Primary schools awarded national Centre of Excellence status for financial education. More than 100 schools reached in areas of need. Seven more schools to be recruited for partnership’s third year.

A ground-breaking partnership has transformed numerous primary schools around the country into national Centres of Excellence for financial education, helping more than 12,000 pupils, parents and teachers improve their money skills.  The partnership is between pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group, part of Young Enterprise) and Experian.

The partnership, now entering its third year, is helping schools in communities identified as needing this support. So far, more than 5,000 pupils at these schools have benefitted from high quality financial education.

Each school has received free expert advice and assistance for teachers in areas where financial skills could have the biggest impact on school-leavers’ financial capability.  Every school involved commits to sharing financial education within the wider community, and this has helped an additional 3,000 pupils across more than 100 schools.

For the second year of the programme, Experian identified Hull, Bradford, Solihull, Newcastle, Nottingham and Penrith as high priority areas based on low levels of financial literacy andfinancial services.  Schools were recruited in each area and pfeg’s educational specialists then worked with teachers to create tailored and lasting financial education programmes for pupils.     

Francis Askew Primary School (Hull), Lidget Green Primary School (Bradford), Cheswick Green Primary School (Solihull), Trinity School Deneview (Newcastle), Whitemoor Academy Primary (Nottingham) and Yanwath Primary School (Penrith) have all achieved pfeg Centre of Excellence status and are now recognised as beacons of best practice in the delivery of high quality financial education.

The focus is not entirely on the children, as many teachers and parents have directly benefited.  The programme ensures that teaching staff are equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver appropriate and engaging financial education.  As a result, over 80% of the teachers involved have been trained to deliver finance lessons.  

Ilana le Roux, Financial Champion, Culloden Primary School, said: 

“The whole outlook of the school has changed, and I mean the whole school, in the approach to money related learning.  It’s no longer a one-off but a daily thing.  I have seen the change building year on year.  There is a clear expectation that we teach financial education to a very high standard.” 

Parents play a key role in influencing children’s attitudes and values relating to finance. Therefore all funded schools are encouraged to involve parents within the sharing of high-quality financial education. Through a wide range of organised events the schools have managed to reach over 4,000 parents.  

Target areas for the partnership’s third year are now being agreed and, as a result of the success of the partnership, Experian has committed to extend the programme into a fourth year to build on this vital work. As a result, the four-year partnership will see a total of 26 primary schools across the country developed into Centres of Excellence with many more thousands of pupils, parents and teachers supported.   

Chris Clark, Managing Director, Experian UK&I, said:

“I’m delighted we have managed to help more than 12,000 pupils, teachers and parents access high quality financial education during the first two years of this important partnership. Helping people make successful decisions about money and to present themselves in the best possible light sits right at the heard of Experian’s purpose. In view of the success of this programme to date, extending the partnership by a further year makes perfect sense and we look forward to building on this important work and our relationship with pfeg, now part of Young Enterprise. There is still a lot of work to do and through this partnership, our high-quality teaching resources such as and our classroom volunteers; we will continue to make an important contribution to making sure that young people have the opportunity to gain vital knowledge and skills to make the right decisions about money. ”   

Michael Mercieca, Chief Executive, Young Enterprise, said: 

“We know how essential it is for children to start learning about money from a young age, which is why our partnership with Experian on our Centres of Excellence programme is so important.

“With financial education now on the National Curriculum for secondary schools, our work in primary schools is ever more relevant. Our three years working with Experian has seen 20 schools in targeted areas with issues of social and economic deprivation gain Centre of Excellence status, and our continued partnership means we can help to give more pupils the strong foundations they need as they progress through the education system.”

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For more information contact pfeg’s Sally Thomas on 0207 3309482 or, Experian’s James Jones on 0115 9922336, and/or Experian’s Joe Green on 01159922515, 


About pfeg Centres of Excellence

  • A total of 52 schools and school clusters have now been awarded pfeg Centre of Excellence status, through pfeg’s work with a number of funders.
  • Centre of Excellence status is awarded to schools or school clusters that have been recognised and rewarded for taking big steps forward in bringing personal finance education to all the children and young people in their school.
  • pfeg works with candidate schools and school clusters to embed financial education into the curriculum through the provision of teacher training, consultancy and support to feeder schools.
  • To achieve Centre of Excellence status, schools must achieve the following criteria:

           - Senior leadership commitment – a head teacher who wants their teachers to be trained to teach personal finance education;

           - A champion – a key teacher with day-to-day responsibility for driving quality personal finance education;

           - A school/college development programme – a well-planned and high quality provision of financial education;

           - Effective teaching, learning and assessment approaches – trained teachers who can motivate, challenge and assess pupils’ learning;

           - Pupil involvement – pupils who are involved and motivated to learn

           - Community engagement – links to other organisations locally and a willingness to use financial sector volunteers to add value;

           - Dissemination and sustainability – the ability to operate independently of pfeg support and the enthusiasm to showcase and disseminate work to inspire other local schools/colleges.

 About Young Enterprise and pfeg

  • Young Enterprise is the UK’s leading enterprise and financial education charity working with young people aged 4 to 25
  • Following the recent merger of pfeg into Young Enterprise, we are a specialist ‘one stop shop’ for students and teachers, empowering young people to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need for work and in life
  • With 14 years of experience, pfeg continues to support teachers, government, consumer bodies and financial industry representatives to assist schools in delivering personal finance education to the highest possible standards – enabling children and young people to understand money and make informed choices to support their long term economic well-being
  • Our extensive network means we are supported by more than 5,000 volunteers and 3,500 businesses in schools, colleges and universities
  • We also support teachers in 18,000 schools to plan and deliver financial education programmes
  • For over 50 years Young Enterprise has worked with over four million young people across the UK to empower them to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need for the world of work through enterprise
  • We are part of the global network JA-YE that operates in over 120 countries
  • For more information on pfegsee or email
  • For more information on Young Enterprise please see or email Kate Corry on

Experian and financial education 

Experian has run a financial education programme in the UK since the mid 1990s and has developed a wide selection of resources to help young consumers get to grips with issues around money, credit and credit checking. Existing teaching resources include a free interactive resource for primary school pupils and Getting Credit: A beginner’s guide a set of lesson plans and support materials aimed at older pupils and adults. All of Experian’s education resources are available from

About Experian

We are the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to our clients around the world. We help businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision making. We also help people to check their credit report and credit score, and protect against identity theft.  In 2014, we were named by Forbes magazine as one of the ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies’.

We employ approximately 17,000 people in 39 countries and our corporate headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland, with operational headquarters in Nottingham, UK; California, US; and São Paulo, Brazil.

Experian plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange (EXPN) and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 index. Total revenue for the year ended March 31, 2015, was US$4.8 billion.

To find out more about our company, please visit or watch our documentary, ‘Inside Experian’.