New capabilities leverage power of Experian portfolio, adtech partner network and analytics heritage and position Experian Marketing Suite as the only marketing cloud for true, customer-centric marketing

Las Vegas, Nev., July 30, 2015 — Experian Marketing Services,  a recognized leader in cloud-based marketing technology, today unveiled a new, more predictive and addressable Experian Marketing Suite for nearly 1,000 marketers at its 2015 Client Summit in Las Vegas, Nev. The advancements released today include new addressable advertising and predictive intelligence tools both powered by Experian’s consumer database, the largest consumer database worldwide, with modeled insights covering 700 million individuals in 270 million households. Both enhancements will help brands identify and interact with their customers no matter where they are in the world or in the cloud.

“At Experian, everything begins and ends with the customer — and we know the customer better than anyone else,” said Matt Seeley, president, Experian Marketing Services. “As a global data powerhouse and a leader in developing innovative, market-moving technology with a fierce commitment to service, Experian is committed to helping our clients take the guesswork out of their customer interactions. This next phase for Experian Marketing Suite is about making it possible for brands to match their customers’ pace of innovation so they can be relevant today and stay relevant in the future.”  

For the debut, brands like Publishers Clearing House spoke on the need for clear customer communication. “Publishers Clearing House is a company committed to the customer experience, but keeping up with the customer is becoming more difficult and complex,” said Jason John, chief marketing officer, Publishers Clearing House Digital. “We needed a partner that shares our commitment to the customer and can help us understand who they are, and how to reach them as they switch devices, networks, and channels. We found that in Experian. As we look at this changing, always-connected customer, we can understand their preferences, predict what they want next and how to make that meaningful, every time.”

Two new enhancements to Experian Marketing Suite

Real-time, predictive intelligence and automated analytics

The new predictive functionality released today in Experian Marketing Suite integrates real-time identity and intelligence data to create predictive insights that help brands optimize campaign performance. Within Experian Marketing Suite, marketers can compare email subject lines, send times and channels from all their historical email campaigns, across customer segments, and use that data to predict the performance of future cross-channel campaigns. It then layers those predictive insights with rich customer, demographic, audience and behavioral data to understand how content performs in the context of a brand’s audience segments. Specifically, brands can use this functionality to:

  • Generate and identify predictive insights that inspire their customers to take action
  • Pinpoint messages and content that are the most relevant and will drive the most engagement across a brand’s audiences
  • Understand what is relevant for their customers when they are researching or exploring and when they are transacting or looking for a discount
  • Predict the performance of campaigns and commerce
  • Leverage real-time intelligence to power campaign strategies across channels and deliver intelligent interactions, on any device

For example, a retailer could use the predictive tool to determine which subject lines and product offers perform the best among their top customer segments during back-to-school season based on years of historical campaign data.

Cross-channel audience activation

Advertisers, marketers and agencies now can turn to Experian Marketing Suite to help activate their data-driven marketing strategies. Marketers can execute true one-to-one advertising campaigns across multiple channels, including online and mobile display, video, TV and direct mail. The new addressable advertising functionality first finds an advertiser’s best audience based on first-party Customer Relationship Management data, Experian data or a combination of the two. Then, through a network of direct media publisher partners and onboarding capabilities, Experian® helps advertisers find and target this exact audience across multiple channels.

Unlike other addressable advertising providers, Experian Marketing Suite:

  • Supports single campaigns to provide advertisers with the flexibility to test and learn.
  • Provides advertisers with insights on who saw an ad, how often they saw it, and how it drove their in-store and online activities.
  • Does not rely solely on third-party cookies. Instead, the suite leverages one of the industry’s largest networks of publishers and media/adtech partners, giving brands the flexibility to use it in conjunction with their existing Software-as-a-Service provider.

“Experian has the most accurate consumer data and identity capabilities in the industry, which means that our media partner match rates are consistently higher than the competition,” said Seeley. “For the advertiser, this means we can launch campaigns with both accuracy and scale. We know your customers today, and we know the people you want to be your customers tomorrow — and we can find those customers across the channels and devices where they are consuming content so you can engage them in a meaningful way from the first interaction.”

Another milestone for Experian Marketing Suite

These enhancements mark another milestone in Experian Marketing Services’ long-term strategy to provide marketers with customer-first technology and services through Experian Marketing Suite, which debuted at the 2014 Client Summit.

Just this week, Experian was recognized as a strong performer in the 2015 Forrester Wave for Real Time Interactions Management, which evaluated vendors on the ability to enable brands to deliver contextually relevant experiences across the Customer Life Cycle through customer data management, real-time analytics and insights, and automated cross-channel interactions.

Experian Marketing Suite is flexible, giving clients complete control over the components necessary to power their programs. As a client’s campaign requirements and complexity evolve, the client can easily take advantage of the functionalities across the suite’s three core capabilities: Identity Manager, Intelligence Manager and Interactions Manager.

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