Experian combines online and offline data to deliver on-demand audience analysis for better cross-channel consumer insight

Experian Marketing Services launches a new consumer insights platform, AudienceView®

London, 9 September 2015 — Experian Marketing Services announced today the global launch of a new consumer insights platform, AudienceView®, designed to understand and profile consumers across channels and media in a connected device ecosystem. Inspiring marketers, agencies and media publishers to transform brand experiences, AudienceView puts the consumer at the center of their strategy through unparalleled insight into who consumers are and what they do daily.

AudienceView is a discovery-led analytics platform that allows users to define their target audience in real time, using any combination of online or offline attributes; it features flexible profiling and reporting capabilities to deliver actionable consumer insights across strategy, planning, media and measurement workflows.

Available in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, AudienceView provides advanced cross-channel insights by unifying rich consumer attributes such as demographics, psychographics, purchase behaviors, purchase intent, media consumption and brand loyalty with granular digital consumption and search patterns across Web and mobile devices. The platform allows marketers, agencies and content owners to use these actionable insights for audience discovery, strategic planning, creative optimization, media planning, buying and selling across channels and devices.

“iCrossing produces segmented campaigns for defined consumer groups at scale, in place of fewer campaigns aimed at larger audience clusters,” said Mark Iremonger, chief executive officer of iCrossing UK. “It’s the scale and audience insight AudienceView brings that is exciting.”

With a global online sample of 25 million consumers, AudienceView allows the creation of granular behavioral segments, providing a true and evolving picture of consumer behavior and giving users an unprecedented understanding of their audiences. AudienceView provides better insight into what consumers prefer and what messages resonate, enabling companies to drive performance and compete more effectively by improving:

Brand differentiation — uncovering consumer behaviors and attitudes unique to their audience
Creative optimization — identifying consumer motivations and preferences to allow for authentic interactions with their audience
Media effectiveness — understanding consumer behavior to know when and where to reach an audience
Market sizing — uncovering potential opportunities for engaging new audiences
Campaign measurement — measuring campaign effectiveness for reaching their target audience

“We’ve needed a tool like AudienceView for a long time,” said Daniel Wallace-Brewster, vice president of Corporate Marketing, Onestop Internet. “Retailers too often believe that offline and online consumers are homogeneous, but by using this product to quickly analyze different shoppers’ behavior, my clients see that this is clearly not the case.”

“The market has lacked a high-quality media-neutral, consumer-centric tool for making sense of today’s dynamic consumer and placing actionable insight into the hands of people who can use it,” said Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Consumer Insights, at Experian Marketing Services UK. “AudienceView provides a deeper understanding of consumers that will help marketing, media and agency professionals improve the online customer experiences, make smarter media-buying decisions for reaching target audiences, and enhance the content and offers used to engage consumers.”

UK contact:
Nick Jones
Head of PR, Experian Marketing Services
07583 297082

U.S. contact:
Scott Anderson
Senior Director, PR, Experian Marketing Services
714 830 3185

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