Experian Marketing Services solves industry-wide challenge of engaging audiences across all devices and environments with the launch of AdTruth Resolve

AdTruth Resolve simplifies cross-device audience management for marketers

New York, N.Y., March 3, 2015 — Experian Marketing Services, a recognized leader in data-driven marketing, today introduced AdTruth Resolve, a new technology designed to simplify the process of recognizing and engaging audiences across all devices and environments. AdTruth Resolve is designed for the multinational marketer that struggles to make smarter, more data-driven business decisions and keep up with today’s mobile-first consumer. AdTruth Resolve provides marketers with the means to reconcile and associate their existing digital identifiers — including cookies, device IDs, IP addresses and more — and then leverage that consolidated intelligence for visibility across devices.

AdTruth Resolve represents another milestone in Experian Marketing Services’ long-term strategy to provide marketers with a ubiquitous, consistent and persistent link across all channels as part of the Experian Marketing Suite. Powered by a three-tiered identity-management framework, the Experian Marketing Suite’s Identity Manager gives marketers everything they need to persistently, accurately, effectively and respectfully recognize, resolve and reach consumers across all devices in all digital environments.

“The AdTruth Resolve technology is meant to address the needs of both the data owners and the consumers in the digital ecosystem,” said Matt Seeley, president at Experian Marketing Services, North America. “Our AdTruth Resolve technology functions within a company’s own data and technology environment, enabling marketers to focus on leveraging their data assets within their existing tools and services. It is an excellent extension to the Experian Marketing Suite’s Identity Manager and will further enrich the customer view we are already providing to our marquee clients.”

AdTruth Resolve uses a process called digital identification resolution to remove the need for organizations to piece together and manage the vast amount of identification data variables themselves. AdTruth Resolve identifies, reconciles and associates a company’s existing digital identification data assets, allowing the consolidated data to be used throughout its digital marketing stack and across the entire digital ecosystem in a privacy-mindful way.

AdTruth is known for DeviceInsight™, a statistical device-recognition technology that delivers a privacy-compliant way to associate online activity with a specific device. AdTruth Resolve continues Experian’s consumer-privacy-minded technology development by facilitating broader opt-out capabilities.

“Marketers and publishers have struggled to deliver consistent, targeted messages across the entire digital landscape because their customer data resides in so many different systems,” said James Lamberti, vice president and global general manager of AdTruth. “By implementing AdTruth Resolve, marketers have full control over, and can take full advantage of, their own customer data to address this situation. AdTruth Resolve is a smart product for achieving a consolidated customer view that protects an organization’s data and respects consumer privacy as well.”

The Experian Marketing Suite was designed to be flexible, giving clients complete control over the components necessary to power their programs. As a client’s campaign requirements and complexity evolve, they can easily take advantage of the functionalities across the Marketing Suite’s three core managers: Identity Manager, Intelligence Manager and Interactions Manager. Similarly, the AdTruth Resolve technology can be used as an integrated part of the overall Marketing Suite or incorporated into a company’s existing tools and services.

For more information on AdTruth Resolve, please visit http://www.adtruth.com/resolve.

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About AdTruth
AdTruth empowers the world’s most progressive brands to identify, link and engage audiences across all digital touch points, enabling a true, consolidated and actionable consumer view while aligning with consumer privacy standards globally. The entire digital marketing ecosystem benefits from leveraging AdTruth's technology, which provides digital identification resolution to expand cross-device reach, reconcile overlapping audiences, and more precisely measure marketing programs, all while protecting data assets and ultimately increasing ROI. AdTruth is an Experian company and serves as the digital media division of 41st Parameter®. For more information, visit www.adtruth.com. AdTruth: Leading the Digital Resolution.

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Experian Marketing Services is a leader in data-driven marketing and is the only company in the world to offer a comprehensive Marketing Suite that unites customer insights, analytics, data quality and cross-channel marketing technology into a single platform.

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