Experian Marketing Services expands cross-channel consulting program with the launch of their Marketing Sophistication Curve

Experian Marketing Services expands cross-channel consulting program with the launch of their Marketing Sophistication CurveSM
Marketers can take a free online assessment to discover where their organization falls on Experian’s Marketing Sophistication Curve

New York, N.Y., Oct. 9, 2014 — According to new research from Experian Marketing Services, a recognized leader in data-driven marketing, 90 percent of marketers struggle to move beyond single-channel marketing programs to optimize their marketing across channels or around the customer. The company today announced an expansion of its strategic, cross-channel consulting offerings to address this need and help organizations increase the sophistication and effectiveness of their marketing programs.

The new program, which offers marketers strategic guidance around common marketing pain points, is designed to help them progress up Experian’s Marketing Sophistication CurveSM. The curve is a framework and road map that allows organizations to accurately assess the state of their marketing operations and identify the steps necessary for creating individualized marketing experiences around the customer.

“Recognizing the need to change and knowing how to make that happen are two entirely different things,” said Matt Seeley, president, Experian Marketing Services, North America. “While the industry is exploding with marketing clouds and automation technology, most organizations have unique challenges that off-the-shelf software doesn’t address. Experian’s Marketing Sophistication Curve offers marketers help with the first critical step in that process: an understanding of where you are today and what you need to do tomorrow.” 

Experian Marketing Services is offering marketers a free online assessment to identify where they fall on the curve on its Website: http://ex.pn/1nXGpjq

The four phases of Experian’s Marketing Sophistication Curve
The culmination of more than 30 years of experience working with the world’s top brands to improve their marketing effectiveness, Experian’s Marketing Sophistication Curve outlines four primary phases of marketing sophistication:

• Phase I: Single-Channel Optimization — Brands at this stage seek new sources of data and analytical approaches to do more with existing programs and tools. They struggle to achieve a higher performance from data-driven campaigns.

• Phase II: Multichannel Marketing — Organizations at this stage engage customers across multiple channels but seek greater consistency. They struggle to incorporate newer channels, like mobile, into their messaging strategy.

• Phase III: Cross-Channel Marketing — The marketing organization at this stage implements cross-channel marketing programs but struggles to organize data and target campaign content around customers easily, consistently and in useful time frames.

• Phase IV: Cross-Channel Optimization — This is the apex of modern marketing, where customer context, location and timing merge with every imaginable form of customer data to create a single, shared and immediate view of the customer across all channels.

Improving marketing by addressing the common pain points
Experian Marketing Services’ new cross-channel consulting program offers marketers a set of new bundled offerings around three common pain points that must be addressed as marketers move from one phase of the curve to the next: acquisition, growth and retention, and win-back.

“As new technologies and channels are introduced, consumer behavior changes, and in return how we assess and approach these traditional marketing issues needs to evolve,” continued Seeley. “The curve’s framework and the addition of the new strategic consulting bundles to our existing portfolio are part of our long-term commitment to be both a superior marketing technology provider and a strategic partner for leading marketers around the world.”

For more information about Experian’s Marketing Sophistication Curve and strategic programs, please visit http://www.experian.com/assets/marketing-services/brochures/strategic-consulting-programs.pdf.

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