Experian Marketing Services launches identity-linkage engine for digital advertising industry to resolve data-quality and accuracy challenges

Experian Marketing Services launches identity-linkage engine for digital advertising industry to resolve data-quality and accuracy challenges
OmniView™ gives the advertising industry the most accurate linkage technology in the market for persistent customer identification across channels

New York, N.Y., Sept. 24, 2014Experian Marketing Services, a recognized leader in data-driven marketing, today unveiled OmniView™, a persistent data-linkage technology that creates a real-time single customer view, as part of the Experian Marketing Suite. The single customer view, or persistent identity, created by OmniView allows organizations to increase the precision, authenticity and sophistication of their marketing campaigns across channels and devices.

Since introducing the industry’s first linkage-technology product, Experian Marketing Services has been the go-to resource for identity-linkage issues among database and customer relationship management (CRM) marketers. With the launch of OmniView, Experian Marketing Services extends its market-leading linkage expertise beyond database and CRM marketers to the digital-advertising industry.

OmniView resolves pivotal issues plaguing advertising effectiveness, including data quality, accuracy, authenticity and precision. OmniView creates a persistent identity that gives key players within the digital advertising ecosystem — including advertisers, publishers, digital analytics providers and data management platforms — the ability to verify, match and manage identities efficiently in a privacy-protected way from all data sources.

“The advertising industry needs a common denominator — a ubiquitous, consistent and persistent link across all channels — to execute legitimate 1-to-1 marketing, and OmniView is that common denominator,” said Rick Erwin, president, consumer insights and targeting, Experian Marketing Services. “OmniView breaks new ground in identity linkage technology in that it gives advertisers the ability to verify, understand and engage with their customers at a scale and accuracy that is unprecedented. This has been the centerpiece of Experian Marketing Services’ strategy for more than 20 years.”

A single customer view for addressable advertising
According to recent research from Experian, 99 percent of companies believe that achieving a single customer view is important to their business, but only 24 percent say they have a single customer view today. For solutions where media is being activated in addressable advertising, OmniView is the linkage engine that connects an advertiser’s or marketer’s CRM data to Experian’s data, as well as media channels, in a secure, privacy-compliant manner.

OmniView gives advertisers a single customer view by establishing identification keys for consumers at an individual, household and address level that serve as a common denominator between all data sources.

OmniView is built to process and reconcile large amounts of fragmented data from both third- and first-party sources, including social, email, mobile and transactional data. OmniView features a real-time application programming interface that allows marketers to understand the behavior of their customers as they move in and out of channels and make “in the moment” marketing decisions. A high-speed, high-scale platform, OmniView delivers results in real-time or batch processing. For example, marketers can connect a social-media follower to a display-advertising campaign and know if that follower made a purchase in a brick-and-mortar store.

A central element of the Experian Marketing Suite’s Identity Manager, OmniView stands out from other linkage technology products in market through its accuracy. It leverages the most accurate data and the most accurate linkage technology in market. Experian Marketing Services' linkage capabilities excel in reliability and accuracy, with accuracy rates of two times, three times and five times greater than other major vendors. This accuracy ensures meaningful experiences for the consumer that fosters loyalty and repeat purchases to the brand.

Learn more about OmniView: http://ex.pn/1mEn5qO

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