In 2012 United Credit Bureau achieved high rates of growth

United Credit Bureau – the growth leader among the leading Credit Bureaus

In 2012 United Credit Bureau achieved high rates of growth

At the beginning of January 2013 the United Credit Bureau credit history database equaled to 93 million. Thus, compared to the January 2012, the volume of UCB database increased by 60%.  It is characteristic, that such high rates of UCB database increase are maintained for two recent years as the increase since 2011 to 2012 has amounted to 62%. The Hit-rate also increased to the level of 86,47%. At the beginning of 2012 the rate was 76%, and in 2011 – 68%.

United Credit Bureau pays great attention not only to the number of credit histories in the database, but also to the quality of the data processing, i.e. to the list and specifics of provided services. During 2012 three new services were started: Triggers – borrowers' behavior change alerting service, United Credit Scoring - customer unified profile creation, customer ID verification and National Hunter – optimized service for tracing fraudulent applications.

The Bureau benefits: collaboration with largest Russian banks and the services using best practices of Experian, the leading global company providing information analysis services. These factors allow United Credit Bureau for holding tightly the leading positions on the CB market and exercising a salutary influence over the development of civilized retail crediting market in general.


***United Credit Bureau (UCB)

Established in 2004, is one of the top three Russian credit bureaus. Its founders: the largest Russian bank Sberbank, the leading global credit bureau operator Experian, and informational agency “Interfax”. UCB is the leading company in the sphere of development of such services as credit risk assessment (scoring) and credit fraud prevention. Among the UCB clients there are more than 500 banks and cellular operators.

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