Experian Marketing Services releases new social engagement tools for cross-channel marketing platform

Experian Marketing Services releases new social engagement tools for cross-channel marketing platform
Multivariate testing and workflow enhancements also added to help drive more streamlined campaign management

New York, N.Y., July 11, 2013Experian Marketing Services, a global provider of integrated consumer insights and targeting, data quality and cross-channel marketing, today released new enhancements to its global cross-channel marketing platform to help marketers more effectively execute meaningful and well-coordinated campaigns across all channels.

In today’s dynamic, omnichannel environment, having access to a system that can help marketers consistently deliver seamless and relevant interactions with their customers at every point of engagement is critical to sustaining a memorable brand.

The new enhancements include social influencing, cross-channel multivariate testing and workflow improvements:

Social engagement tools in the platform have been built around the fact that organizations that harness the data from their customer touch-points across all channels are positioned to drive more customer engagement, build loyalty and ultimately ensure a competitive advantage.

The platform’s social media tools enable tracking of all social activities, offers and customer behaviors on social networks at an individual level right from within the application interface. Marketers can use this data to precisely identify who key influencers are and leverage the platform’s capabilities to send targeted offers that can be shared and defined at an individual level. As a result, influencers can reap the most rewards from sharing special offers. Other social enhancements include sentiment analysis to gauge general brand and offer sentiment across social networks, as well as social CRM capabilities to manage opt-in and preferences of social media followers and fans.

Cross-channel multivariate testing helps marketers test message and campaign elements across any channel — including mobile, Web pages, email and social — to optimize messaging and deliver more intelligent and effective interactions.

Usability and workflow enhancements provide marketers with a simpler way to view data to deliver a more streamlined approach in campaign building. These include:
- Enhanced drag-and-drop features to aid in easier segmentation creation and filter ranking/ordering
- A WYSIWYG editor and a reusable library of links to enable easier and faster campaign design
- Relational database view features that enable marketers to easily see data connectors from within the interface

“As marketers, we have to change the way that we think about communication,” said Dan LeBlanc, VP Customer Intelligence and Relationship Management, Provide Commerce. “If we are going to be successful, we have to be obsessed about each customer, and we have to be obsessed about their experience. Customers engage with us across different channels, and they have all these new outlets to express their opinions. This loss of control can be scary for marketers. You have no idea what the impact of a less-than-exceptional customer experience is going to be. We, as marketers, have to relate to and understand our customers through data, across all channels, to ensure that our interactions are consistent through the entire Customer Life Cycle.”

“With customers interacting and moving so frequently in and out of channels, today’s marketers can easily lose control over their marketing programs,” said Jeff Hassemer, senior vice president, global product management, Experian Marketing Services. “Legacy technology has forced marketers to focus efforts around executing campaigns rather than around what’s most important — the customer. Because our cross-channel marketing platform was built from the ground up around the concept that the customer should be the center of a marketer’s universe, we’re able to develop features and functionality that can quickly translate into exceptional customer experiences at lightning speed — every time.”   

These enhancements have been added to the already-robust capabilities of the new cross-channel marketing platform, which features enterprise-scale and industry-leading data processing power and speed. For example, the platform can perform a cross-table query on millions of records in just seconds.

For more information, please visit the Experian Marketing Services’ cross-channel marketing platform page.

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