Techlightenment delivers improved Facebook advertising performance with the launch of Alchemy 2

Techlightenment delivers improved Facebook advertising performance
with the launch of Alchemy 2

Alchemy 2 enables Facebook advertising to become 80 per cent more effective via improved scale, performance and agility


London UK, 23 February 2012 - Techlightenment, an Experian company and leading provider of Facebook marketing technology and services, today announced the launch of Alchemy 2, its second generation platform for creating, managing and optimising Facebook advertising campaigns. Alchemy 2 enables marketers and advertising agencies to maximise the return on investment and impact of social advertising spend by focusing on improving the scale, performance and agility of every marketing campaign that is delivered through Facebook.

Recent research [1] indicates that social media marketing is the fastest-growing channel in terms of investment, with almost 70 per cent of marketers planning to increase their budgets for off-site social media in 2012, yet the paradox remains that social media investment is difficult to measure. Almost 40 per cent of companies believe they are poor at measuring ROI from this channel.   

The Alchemy 2 platform helps marketers overcome traditional Facebook advertising challenges of scale and performance with new features that reduce what were previously manual processes so that marketers can focus on higher value decisions to optimise campaign performance.

Campaigns managed using the Alchemy 2 platform receive 80 per cent higher click through rates (CTRs) [2] and 50 per cent lower cost per click (CPC) [3] levels than the average Facebook campaign.  The new platform is designed to allow users to take full advantage of the new Facebook features and ad units such as Timeline, Sponsored Stories and Custom Action Ads.  New features in the platform include:

·         Rapid ad version development -  create thousands of highly tailored Facebook adverts in under 30 minutes, immediately understanding exactly how many end users they will reach and receive real-time intelligence on how the campaign is performing.

·         Rules-based optimisation - automate 70 per cent of the manual processes associated with managing Facebook advertising campaigns. The Alchemy 2 automated optimisation engine allows users to set up rules based on which actions, such as the pausing of ads and changing of bids, are taken. This allows campaign managers to spend their time getting to grips with the less obvious elements of their campaigns’ performance, such as the impact of images or creative on the audience.

·         One-touch budget management – with Alchemy 2’s simple drag and drop slider function, campaign managers have complete control over how their budgets are allocated. Once a campaign is live, they can focus improving campaign ROI by increasing budgets for best performing or cost effective campaigns or reducing budgets for expensive or underperforming adverts.

Will Ashton, Managing Director of Alchemy, at Techlightenment, an Experian company said: “Alchemy was the first Facebook advertising platform to market in 2010. We have redesigned the platform for the release of Alchemy 2 to make it even more sophisticated and agile. As Facebook makes updates to its platform, Alchemy 2 is well positioned to be updated as near to real-time as possible, allowing users to make near immediate use of new features and ad formats”.

David Hengartner , Online Marketing Manager at Deindeal, a group buying site based in Switzerland, commented:  “We’ve depended on Alchemy for a couple of years and with the release of Alchemy2, Techlightenment has really improved our ability to manage campaigns in real-time; delivering better control and lower CPA than what was previously possible.”

Will Ashton continued: “We have already migrated our existing customers across onto the Alchemy 2 platform and have received great feedback on the new features. Alchemy 2 has been developed based on feedback of hundreds of users and builds on our understanding of the Facebook platform and what makes a successful campaign.  In just a few short years, the social media market has developed enormously and we believe that Alchemy 2 is the best product out there for staying ahead of the curve and delivering results.”




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Techlightenment, an Experian company, was founded in 2007. Techlightenment develops technology to power social media campaigns for multinational businesses and global advertising agencies.


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[2] Based on internal Alchemy data vs anecdotal Facebook benchmarking data

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