Mamas & Papas’ customer relationships bloom with Experian’s data driven marketing

Mamas & Papas’ customer relationships bloom with Experian’s data driven marketing

  London, 30 May 2012 – Nursery brand, Mamas & Papas is using insight and technology from Experian Marketing Services to create more fruitful relationships with its customers and generate more value from its customer lifecycle.

Through its website and over 60 stores across the UK, Mamas & Papas offers innovative and high quality prams, pushchairs, nursery furniture, clothes and toys. With a purchasing journey that typically extends from early pregnancy to a child’s toddler years, the brand has a time-limited opportunity for customer engagement.

Working with Experian Marketing Services’ data analysis and segmentation tools and its campaign management capabilities, Mamas & Papas has been able to analyse its customer data and map the ideal purchasing journey through pregnancy and beyond by identifying key customer touchpoints.

Using Experian’s end-to-end marketing data analysis and campaign management database platform, powered by SDL’s recently acquired Alterian Marketing Suite (AMS), the retailer is able to build an accurate picture of every customer, understand their purchasing behaviours and segment effectively. This insight then drives the deployment of targeted marketing communications to allow the brand to engage on a consistent basis with parents and grandparents, delivering email marketing campaigns based on different Trimesters and targeting special offers at specific groups.

As a result, Mamas & Papas has seen the value derived from its customer database increase significantly. The retailer has found that customers opted into marketing communications are worth 50 per cent more than those who are not opted in. In addition when the due date of the child is known, allowing for even more relevant and accurate communications, Mamas & Papas has found that these customers are worth 130 per cent more in terms of spend than non opted in customers and transact twice as many times.  Repeat customers online have also increased by 27 per cent year on year. 

Rob Jennings, E-Commerce Director at Mamas & Papas commented: “Through in-depth customer analysis, Mamas & Papas has mapped what the ideal customer purchasing journey is for the expectant and new parent.  We can now tailor communications to that journey, enhancing the customer experience by pre-empting their needs and deploying reactive communications whenever a customer deviates from that path to extend and enhance the value of each customer. This is a win for both Mamas & Papas and our customers, in that by providing targeted, relevant communications we are offering improved customer service, whilst also driving the lifetime value of each customer. ”

Mamas & Papas and Experian Marketing Services are now extending their relationship to draw on more cross channel data derived from in-store activity and mobile to build a consistent view of individual customers, create more effective customer segmentation and deliver ever more relevant communications.

Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Data and Analytics, Experian Marketing Services commented: “Mamas & Papas is at the forefront of driving better customer engagement and is a great example of a brand that is striving to gain a deeper understanding of its customers using analytics and insight to drive and tailor its marketing campaigns. Moving forward its aim to join up its data across channels to create a single view of individual customers to manage those customers across multiple channels will enable it to deliver an even better customer experience.”



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