Experian Marketing Services Announces Expanded Facebook Advertising Integration

Experian Marketing Services announces expanded Facebook® advertising integration
CheetahMail® integrates email and Facebook campaigns through Alchemy Social™ for increased cross-channel capabilities

New York, N.Y., October 9, 2012 — Following the recent launch of Facebook Custom Audiences, Experian Marketing Services today announced a new service that creates and delivers targeted Facebook advertising utilizing Experian’s Alchemy Social™ Ad Manager. Experian CheetahMail clients now can create expanded cross-channel campaigns by synching up targeted Facebook advertising with their email campaigns.

Alchemy Social was just named a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD). Together, Experian Marketing Services’ CheetahMail and Alchemy Social can match client-defined customer email addresses to Facebook to effectively retarget email subscribers and build more meaningful connections. This new offering augments the reach of any email campaign by providing related messaging on Facebook to ensure the best possible chance of having that message seen. Marketers can also reach users through Facebook advertising that completed a specific action (i.e., clicked on a link, but did not complete a purchase) or who did not receive their message through email. For example, non-openers or inactive subscribers can be shown a relevant Facebook ad as a way to re-engage or reactivate them to a brand or a Website.

“Experian Marketing Services is among the first marketing services providers to offer a completely seamless experience for our clients, with the capability for unified account teams to execute these highly relevant campaigns,” said Matt Seeley, president of Experian Marketing Services. “As the hyperconnected and empowered customer of today continues to move through marketing channels, this advanced advertising through Facebook is an effective way to ensure interactivity between brands and their customers and provide our clients with a substantial lift to their marketing efforts.”

“Email marketers are continually challenged to improve response rates and the efficiencies of their campaigns, and we see this new form of Facebook advertising being an integral part of every email marketing program moving forward,” said Rachel Bergman, CEO of Experian Alchemy Social. “Alchemy Social comprises one of the most experienced Facebook media management teams. As a truly one-stop shop, we’re excited to take advantage of this new opportunity to make Facebook advertising even more addressable for our clients. The different types of campaigns that clients can execute with this new offering are virtually endless – this is a massive opportunity for marketers.”

This new service is available now, allowing marketers to begin targeting their email subscribers immediately with highly personalized Facebook advertising. Learn more about how to amplify the reach of any email campaign with integrated Facebook messaging by visiting CheetahMail or Alchemy Social.

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