Experian Hitwise reveals latest UK Search Engine and Social Analysis

Experian Hitwise reveals latest UK Search Engine and Social Analysis

Microsoft bing improves market share of UK searches

Facebook and YouTube lead growth in social

London, 14 November 2011 Experian Hitwise’s latest Search Engine and Social Analysis reveals market share increases for Microsoft and Ask websites in search and for Facebook and YouTube in social.

Microsoft Sites led by bing witnessed the greatest growth in market share of searches this month up by 0.22 per cent in the month since September. In total, Microsoft Sites accounted for 3.85 per cent of all UK Internet searches conducted in October 2011. Ask Sites had a second consecutive month of growth, increasing their share of UK searches by 0.18 per cent.

Google Sites declined slightly in their share of searches in October, but still held a 91 per cent market share overall. Most of the decline for Google Sites came from Google.co.uk although Google.com also saw a decline in market share between September and October. Yahoo! Sites saw a decrease in market share of searches for the third month in a row, down by 0.05 per cent since September and down by 0.66 per cent since October 2010. Other search engines were down slightly this month, but saw an increase in market share of searches year-on-year.  

“The bing search engine has made a comeback this month after two months of declining search share,” commented James Murray, Marketing Research Analyst at Experian Hitwise. “As we get closer to Christmas search activity is going to go into overdrive, so this is a good time for Microsoft to be re-establishing itself in the search market. If bing can cross the 4 per cent milestone by Christmas, Microsoft will have made some significant gains this year. Google remains as dominant as ever though and eating into that massive market share is going to be tough.”

Facebook and YouTube lead growth in social

In the Social Networking and Forums category this month Facebook was the fastest moving social network, followed closely by YouTube. Facebook increased its market share of visits by 0.46 per cent taking it over 52 per cent of all social networking visits for October. YouTube increased its market share of visits by 0.44 per cent taking the video website within touching distance of 23 per cent of all social networking visits for the month. LinkedIn and Moshi Monsters were the other websites within the top 10 social networks list to improve their market share of visits in October.   

In a month when six of the top 10 social networks saw a decline in market share, LinkedIn continued its steady growth, having more than doubled its traffic in the last year, accounting for 1 in every 6 visits to a job website.

Year-on-year YouTube has seen the greatest growth in social media, with a 5.51 per cent increase in market share of visits since October 2010. A year ago, YouTube accounted for just over 17 per cent of all visits to the Social Networks and Forums category, now it is edging closer to a quarter of all visits to the sector.  

James Murray added: “YouTube continues its amazing growth this year as it cements its place as the second biggest social network in the UK and the third biggest website overall. Online video is a growing channel which brands are still getting to grips with but some of the innovators in this market have already seen fantastic results from using sites like YouTube as part of an integrated marketing campaign. Remember, online video isn’t just about YouTube. Our research has found that almost half (46 per cent) of the online population visit at least three different video websites a month. People are consuming video content from numerous websites, and from a brand perspective, providing the content is engaging it doesn’t matter where it is viewed.”





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