Australian consumers suffer information overload from marketers

Australian consumers suffer information overload from marketers

Sydney, Australia, 30 November 2011: Research released today shows 59 per cent of Australians have stopped engaging with four or more brands as a result of poorly targeted communications. Faced with information overload, eight per cent of consumers have stopped engaging with a staggering 20 or more brands, according to new research by Experian, the global information services company.

The research of more than 1,000 consumers from across Australia reveals a stark disconnect between the communications that consumers want from brands and the poorly targeted communications that they feel they are receiving. One third of consumers across Australia (34 per cent) ignore emails, direct mail and social media messages that they receive from brands.

In addition more than three quarters (77%) said they only read content that is targeted and personally relevant, choosing to delete or throw everything else away. An additional quarter of consumers have even taken to creating a separate email address to avoid being inundated with messages from brands (27 per cent).

Matt Glasner, General Manager of Experian Marketing Services comments: “Too many brands are shouting too loudly in consumer’s ears. People simply aren’t responding to poorly targeted, irrelevant communications and it’s having a significant impact on how they engage with and relate to brands. In today’s digital world, personalisation of message is essential and brands should look at the sources they use and how they talk to their customers to make sure it’s in line with how consumers want to be treated.”

Key highlights from the research include:

Consumer Frustrations
• 30 per cent of Australians name their number one frustration as the ‘inability to unsubscribe from unwanted communication’ (email, newsletters, direct mail, SMS alerts, and social media messages).
• 22 per cent of consumers state that ‘receiving content that comes through at the wrong time of day’ is the biggest frustration.

Slow to Social
• 70 per cent of consumers rank giveaways or incentives to purchase as their most preferred way for brands to engage with them.
• Communication via email newsletters was named by 46 per cent of consumers as their second most preferred way for brands to engage with them.
• Whilst social media has been hailed by marketers as the channel to conduct product promotions and giveaways, social media is the second least preferred mode of engagement for consumers (only 26 per cent of consumers cited it as one of their top three ways for brands to engage with them.)

Time for Change
• It is getting harder for marketers to create messages that cut through the noise and are heard by the right consumers. To that end, 69 per cent of marketers state that they are becoming more selective in choosing the channels that most effectively engage with consumers.
• The online / digital industry is the most selective in choosing the most effective channels (75 per cent) and the retail industry is the least selective (65 per cent.)

Glasner continues: “Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to seeking information about a product or brand. It’s no longer all about ‘push’ marketing. We’re now able to have real conversations with the brands that we know and love. As marketers learn to listen to customers and develop targeted communications, consumers will start to value their engagement with brands and start a dialogue.”


Notes to editors
The research is part of an in-depth whitepaper on “The future of multichannel marketing’,” by Experian Marketing Services. To receive a copy of the whitepaper in December, please contact

Experian Marketing Services commissioned independent research with 330 Australian marketing professionals across the retail, financial services, government, technology, digital and travel industries; and 1,000 consumers across all demographics to develop an industry whitepaper on the current state of play in consumer marketing.

The independent research reveals how well marketers’ and consumers’ interests are aligned. It demonstrates where marketers in Australia are investing their dollars and which channels they value most highly in their communication. From a consumer perspective, it explores how effectively the general Australian population respond to and engage with marketing efforts.

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