Experian helps improve quality of citizen records across Surrey’s customer, employee and supplier databases

Surrey County Council accelerates data quality initiative with Experian QAS

Experian helps improve quality of citizen records across Surrey’s customer, employee and supplier databases

London, 1 July 2010 - Surrey County Council has today announced it is working with Experian QAS to improve the quality of the organisation’s customer, employee and supplier data. The deal will remove duplicate and conflicting information from Surrey County Council’s databases, using Experian QAS’s contact data management software.

Experian’s QAS Gateway software will be used to support the improvements to the council’s databases. It will allow council staff to easily access the National Land and Property Gazetteer  (NLPG data) to keep track of vendor and staff contact details, invoice payment and service delivery efficiencies.

QAS Gateway will also integrate with Surrey County Council’s Northgate social care system, enabling the organisation to keep track of both customers and care professionals, while ensuring that customer contact details are always accurate and up-to-date. This will support the smooth management of the care packages Surrey County Council provides for several thousand citizens.

Surrey County Council is also using Experian’s QAS Pro Web software. It allows citizens to enter and amend addresses in a uniform format, while enabling council staff to verify that address details are correct according to the NLPG and UK’s national Postal Address File (PAF).

Ian Coleman, IT development architect, Surrey County Council commented, “Maintaining a high level of data quality helps us to advance the way we interact with citizens. It is crucial that the information behind our services to the community is accurate to ensure the services we offer are as efficient as possible. Experian QAS’s team is always available to support our data strategy and have made sure that the software they provide helps us achieve our objectives to maximise the efficiency of our services.”

Stuart Johnston, Managing Director at Experian QAS commented: “Surrey County Council is a progressive local authority and has adopted a best practice approach to maintain a number of databases. We are helping to make clean data as accessible as possible to them, enabling easy look-up of the data on the NLPG and an enhanced level of compatibility with other data sources.”

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