Experian number one choice for RCI Financial Services Ltd.


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Experian number one choice for RCI Financial Services Ltd.


Nottingham, UK, 20 January 2010 — RCI Financial Services Ltd, one of the UK’s leading brand financing firms, has chosen Experian®, the global information services company, as its sole supplier for vehicle data services.


RCI Financial Services Ltd specialises in vehicle financing for dealer networks, companies and the general public. As a result, services that enable it to manage its risks and monitor its assets effectively and efficiently are vital. 


Experian was selected as the sole supplier for vehicle checking, registration and monitoring services after RCI Financial Services Ltd carried out a review of all its vehicle data suppliers.


Alan Heaffey, Operations Director from RCI Financial Services Limited said: “RCI Financial Services Ltd has remained competitive and maintained impressive penetration rates despite a volatile and uncertain environment.  However, we recognise that in order to maintain our position in the market, we need to continually review our processes and part of this is to ensure that we are aligned to the most up-to-date and reliable vehicle data providers.


“With the vast range of data and analytics within Experian, we are confident that our decision to appoint Experian as the sole provider of all our vehicle risk and monitoring data is the best one that we could have made.”

Experian will now supply RCI Financial Services with:

AutoCheck, the company’s vehicle provenance check service

Asset registration, enabling registration of interest against financed vehicles

Monitoring services that will alert it to changes in vehicle ownership, customers’ circumstances and key events, such as the vehicle being seized by the police

Vehicle owner tracing services


Mark Nuttall, General Manager of Experian’s Business Information and Automotive division, said: “The motor finance industry is highly competitive and subject to many risks, so accurate real time vehicle data is essential for this sector. 


“Experian is well positioned in the marketplace due to its ability to provide a combined risk and vehicle management service and we are pleased to have been chosen by one of the UK’s leading brand financing firms.”