Experian and I-SEC to provide document checking technology for the fight against fraud

ID documents scanned and authenticated in seconds on pay-per-use basis
Unique pricing model removes capital expenditure requirement to implement technology
Available to retail banks and other high-volume organisations for the first time

Nottingham, UK, 12 January 2010 — Experian®, the global information services company, and I-SEC Technologies, a global leader in identity document authentication and management, today announced a partnership to provide document checking technology, commonly used in airports, to private and public sector organisations in the UK.

Powered using Experian’s Authentication services, the companies’ new Document ID Check technology will enable organisations, such as financial institutions and law enforcement bodies, to more effectively and efficiently validate the authenticity of physical documents and the identity of those using them. This means that organisations will no longer be reliant on people for spotting a fake document - removing the need for specialist training for those involved in checking documents and minimising the risk of collusion.

The new technology has been developed to authenticate documents in high-security and business-critical environments, and has been proven in airports and border crossings. Document ID Check uses document scanners and software that quickly verifies security features such as biometric data, visual data, infrared, ultraviolet and holograms and then provides a full authentication check within five seconds.

Over 300 document types from around the world can already be checked, and users will be provided with automatic updates as new templates are added. Each document check is recorded and the image and associated attributes stored electronically, removing the time consuming and costly process of taking and storing copies of documents.

Uniquely, the cost of the scanner is included within a pay-per-use transaction fee, negating the need for an up-front investment in hardware. Organisations that already have suitable document scanners can opt to take the Document ID Check software on its own to run the service.

Nick Mothershaw, Director of Fraud and Identity Solutions at Experian, commented: “The increasingly sophisticated nature of fraudsters and counterfeiters makes confirming the authenticity of physical documents a difficult and time-consuming process.

“Experian and I-SEC have enabled airport-style document checking technology to be used in bank branches and other high-volume organisations for the first time, providing a more robust, cost-effective and consumer-friendly way of managing fraud risk. Powered by Experian’s data-based authentication services, organisations have the most comprehensive defence possible in the fight against fraud.”

Suzanne Steele, Managing Director for Europe at I-SEC Technologies, commented: “The flexibility, accuracy and depth of data that the Document ID Check system delivers make it an invaluable tool for verifying identity credentials. The system is vastly superior to manual checking processes, identifying even the most elaborately designed false documents. It is perfect for customer facing organisations that require original documents when dealing with customers”


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About Experian
Experian is the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients in more than 65 countries. The company helps businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision making. Experian also helps individuals to check their credit report and credit score, and protect against identity theft.

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Experian plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange (EXPN) and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 index. Total revenue for the year ended 31 March 2009 was $3.9 billion. Experian employs approximately 15,000 people in 40 countries and has its corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, with operational headquarters in Nottingham, UK; Costa Mesa, California; and São Paulo, Brazil. 

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About I-SEC Technologies
I-SEC Technologies© is a global leader in identity authentication and management technologies for more than 20 years. The company specializes in front-end security and commercial applications that can use standard hardware and interface seamlessly with complex client and third party systems. I-SEC Technologies’ applications are deployed in the most demanding “business critical” environments such as airports and borders, law enforcement agencies, banks and high-traffic commercial environments. I-SEC Technologies products operate in more than 90 countries with more than 75,000 installations. I-SEC Technologies maintains the world’s largest identity template database outside governments that is integrated into applications to secure maximum accuracy and immediate response. Product range includes FDI©, Chequer©, Biometric Optimizer©, SPACS© (Secured Paperless Customer Service), Travel DocCheck© and IP@SS©. For more information visit www.isec-technologies.com.