VDF Selects Experian To Automate And Maximise Its Customer Decision Process

VDF Selects Experian To Automate And Maximise Its Customer Decision Process

VolkswagenDogus Automotive Finance (Vdf), a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services in Turkey, has chosen Experian, the global information services company, to automate and improve the performances of its customer decision process with a custom-tailored scorecard for SMEs. The scorecard will enable Vdf to accurately assess the risk of applicants and make fast decisions while identifying optimal customers.

This questionnaire-based system estimates the solvency of a borrower, the related probability of default and the likelihood that a loan would be repaid in the future. In addition, the scoring system enables the company to process applications quickly and make decisions on the spot.

Laçiner Oktay, Risk manager of Vdf, says: "This system will enable us to apply a consistent decision-making process and will help not only to speed up our work but also to increase the number of loans we can give. The solution improves operational efficiency by enabling the automation of manual processes, resulting in a significant reduction of labour costs."

Cenker Ozhelvaci, Country Manager for Turkey & Middle East, Experian's Decision Analytics division, comments: "Accuratedecisioning is only possible with a detailed understanding of each applicant and Experian provides with the right tools to use all the information available to choose which applicants to accept, refer or decline, tailoring the terms of business to the accepted applicants according to their profile."

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