UniCredit Family Financing To Maximise The Profitability Of Marketing Campaigns With Experian

UniCredit Family Financing, the household financing company of Unicredit Group, has implemented Experian's Marketswitch Optimisation system. Specifically developed for dealing with the increasing complexity of Direct Marketing, the system enables organisations to achieve large reductions in wasted communications spend and significant revenue improvements.

Marketswitch Optimisation uses a mathematical process to maximise the performance of customer interactions by identifying the optimal action for each individual, thus improving service and business performance. The system will ensure that customers only receive relevant and focused offers , which will improve the return on investment for campaigns in total.

Optimisation simplifies the complexity of the making a decision about which offer will be the most effective by simultaneously considering the business objectives, customer behaviour, risk, propensities and range of eligible offers, as well as operational constraints, budgets and regulatory requirements .

Gabriella Miccolupi, Head of Customer Portfolio Management for UniCredit Family Financing, commented: "Our aim is to become a centre of excellence for direct marketing . Experian's Marketswitch Optimisation is the right tool as it enables us to support other marketing functions across Europe, with significant results. "

Miretta Menarini, Market Head of Experian's Decision Analytics division in Italy, said: "UniCredit Family Financing selected Experian because of our ability to deliver world class optimisation - from an international team and also providing the local support they need. Furthermore, the rapid deployment of Marketswitch Optimisation will enable the organisation to start accomplishing impressive results in the short term."

This tool further strengthens Experian's wider relationship with UniCredit Family Financing , the household financing institution also utilises Experian's tools to manage the complete credit cycle in its European operations. By using Marketswitch Optimisation in conjunction with Experian's Probe SM, UniCredit Family Financing will enhance its customer service and improve its overall profitability. Probe SM enables the organisation to create an insight into the behaviour and motivations of each customer to completely understand their individual needs, while Marketswitch Optimisation uses this information to make the right selection of customers for each marketing campaign.

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