Thun Innovates Franchise Marketing With Experian

Thun Innovates Franchise Marketing With Experian

Experian system collects data on customer flow and behaviour at point of sale, to analyse trends and collate them for targeted marketing campaigns and visual merchandising initiatives. 

Thun, the leading international brand in household and gift items, has equipped its franchises with an innovative system fro Experian for monitoring customer traffic. Experian’s Footfall technology measures customer traffic inside and outside stores.  It translates the information into audited data and integrates it with sales data, generating ad-hoc analysis for both Thun and franchise managers.

The system, which takes advantage of Experian’s data processing services, provides the insight to measure store performance and improve store efficiency. In addition to providing customer traffic data (by day, week, quarter, etc.) the solution also offers the following features: 

  • Calculate key indicators such as conversion (relation between the number of visitors to the store and the actual number of sale tickets) and peel-off ratios (relation between the number of visitors passing in front of the store window and those who actually come in);
  • Correlate such indicators and customer flow with essential store management activities: promotion, layout, assortment renewal etc.  
  • Provide indications towards optimising the scheduling of staff shifts and other store activities;
  • Provide Thun with the necessary indicators to summarise and compare performance between the various points of sale.

The system was initially adopted by 120 stores in Italy and abroad and will soon be extended to an additional 30 points of sale due to the positive results it has delivered.

“Since we installed the Footfall system and integrated our measurements with the performance indicators we observed that the conversion ratio of our entire portfolio has grown significantly.” said Fabrizio Pezzoli, Thun Franchising Manager. “In addition, the reports provided a better overview of performance. We are now finally able to monitor in detail the activities of our franchise network and can therefore optimise marketing initiatives in relation to customer traffic and offer our franchisees very effective data analysis services.”

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