Save the Children appoints Ad.IQ and Experian CheetahMail as marketing services partners for its EVERY ONE campaign launch

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Save the Children, has selected Ad.IQ and Experian CheetahMail as its marketing services partners for the launch of its EVERY ONE campaign to save children’s lives.


This campaign will engage supporters and secure donations through a multi-channel approach, incorporating direct response advertising that is facilitated and tracked by Ad.IQ and Experian CheetahMail. The process begins by the supporter responding to the call to action, “Text EVERYONE to 64118 to join us” that is featured on press and outdoor advertising. When the text is received, Ad.IQ creates an automatic thank you response, requesting an email address. This email address validated by Ad.IQ and passed to Experian CheetahMail to trigger an email, which links the supporter back to the website where they can find out more information, donate or sign a petition.


A different shortcode is used for tube cards, cross-track posters and press advertising. This means that the supporter journey can be tracked from the initial response right through to activity, and donation, online.  


Rebecca Walton, Brand Manager at Save the Children, said: “We are keen to capture supporter interest and start dialogues with prospective donors and campaigners at every opportunity. Experian CheetahMail and Ad.IQ have made it easier for people to get in touch with us and we are able to collect valuable prospect data, consisting of the opted-in mobile number and e-mail address for each supporter. Technically it’s a slick solution and we are very happy with the results.”


Steve Lomax, Managing Director of Experian CheetahMail EMEA, commented: “Ad.IQ and Experian CheetahMail’s technologies ensure that when individuals respond via text to the campaign, their interest is nurtured through a structured set of communications that ultimately drive them to the relevant part of the website. This helps Save the Children improve supporter engagement and secure maximum donor revenue.“         


Rob Beecroft, Commercial Director at Ad.IQ added, “The system also enables Save the Children to track the end–to–end journey of each supporter, from seeing a particular advert to making a donation on the website. This campaign analysis adds a unique understanding of the effectiveness of each media placement, and can be used by Save the Children to target advertising more efficiently in future.”


About Save the Children

We’re the world’s independent children’s charity. We’re outraged that millions of children are still denied proper healthcare, food, education and protection. We’re working flat out to get every child their rights and we’re determined to make further, faster changes. How many? How fast? It’s up to you.

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