Portuguese Commercial Centres, Still Lagging Behind Their European Counterparts

Portuguese Commercial Centres, Still Lagging Behind Their European Counterparts

October closes with a 4.1% year-on-year decline in number of visits to Portuguese shopping malls

This downward trend sets the cumulative index at  -5,57%

Madrid, November 16, 2009. – According to Experian Footfall Index data, Portuguese commercial centres suffered a -4,1% year-on-year decline in shopper numbers during the month of October. The result is not unusual in itself, with this month traditionally drawing a downward line in terms of visits to retail centres, as consumers get ready for the Christmas purchasing effort (last year Experian FootFall did also register a 4,2% year-on-year decline vs. October 2007). 

This year, nevertheless, this month’s fall adds up to previous results, with no single month so far all along 2009 having seen visitors index reach positive values, although it is also fair to say October fall has been moderate if compared to July to August declines.

On a monthly basis, shopper numbers fall by 3,7% vs. September, which helps bring  the cumulative index (measuring visits performance vs. same period last year) at  -5,57%.

Weekly evolution
In terms of weekly evolution, all weeks underperformed if compared to last year’s. While all along the month visitors seem to have been reluctant to visit shopping malls, worst results are to be found by month’s end, with week commencing October 26 losing -7,9% visitors in comparison to same week past year, and -1,7% vs previous week.  

At this point in time, Christmas Season is the only chance for retailers to partially recover from was is undoubtedly being a considerably difficult year. With Christmas beneficial effect usually starting to show from November onwards, this year’s festive season will bring high competitiveness with it. Price aware consumers will rely on careful planning and budgeting, as they shop around extensively to get the best deals.

European perspective
At a European level, Portugal still lags behind its European counterparts in terms of visits performance. According to Experian Footfall International Indexes, Spain ranks first in terms of year-on-year evolution, with a slight -0,1% decline in the month of October, while visits fall 2,3% in Italy and 1,5% in United Kingdom (this being the mildest 2009 decline so far).

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